Mang Ye Shen Long

Original Title: Bafanglutong Analysis: Classification of Down-the-hole Drill How to determine the classification of down-the-hole drill? There are several typical

Take a hook to say at the same time: "Your Excellency, the taste of sneak attack how?"? Your skill is unexpectedly brilliant, and I seldom meet you like this. Terrible master who does not abide by the rules of Wulin. You must tell the details. First of all, report your name. "You can't get any confession except to kill me." Lou said tenaciously. I'll take out your trick first. "You are a winner. You have the right to kill me. How you kill me is your business." "Eh!"! Why don't you speak with a trace of human flavor? "The strong will survive and the weak will perish. If you are defeated, you will only die. Do it.". There's no way you're going to get a confession out of me, from Ben. Learned the experience of confessing under torture. Old Rain Tower Scanning, Tianmeng Proofreading Old Rain Tower, Yunzhongyue, Mang Ye Shenlong-Chapter 14 Muddy Water Yunzhongyue "Mang Ye Shen Long" Chapter 14 Big Muddy Water Lou's last shout at the exit, the injured foot has kicked Yongxu's face. Yongxu listen to each other's words tone is different from ordinary people, the heart also secretly admire each other is a tough guy, can not bear to destroy each other's hands. Eyes, left hand a loose, casually grabbed the right foot kicked, drink a person thrown two Zhangs away, turned his head and walked away, mouth scolded: "Damn it!"! What kind of fierce things are trained by the scum of Wulin? Strange things. Before they had begun their journey, three dark shadows on the slope had already flown down. He dodged into the bamboo bushes by the side of the road and walked up and around. Climbing to the top of the slope, a dark shadow appeared on the left side of the road,Narrow aisle rack, waving to him and shouting in a low voice: "Hide first, and those three guys will come up." He bent down and said in a low voice, "Old beggar, why don't you know how to wipe your mouth?"? It's hurting me. "You tease the coquettish fox to chase me so that I have no way to go to heaven. I will give you four guys to fight for your life. No one owes anyone." "Nonsense!"! You "Coming, don't make a sound." The three young men walked up quickly with Lou on their backs and soon disappeared into the vast night. The northern beggar got up and went to the middle of the road and said, "That's great. Have you wounded one?"? Admire, admire. "An eye for an eye and a sneak attack on the guy." "So you are great." The beggar raised his thumb and said,heavy duty racking system, "Oh!"! Where are your companions? "The old-timers don't know?" What do I know? The old man went down the mountain before it was dark. He met more than a dozen suspicious pilgrims at the Wuxi Bridge. These four guys It was four of the group. The old man is suspicious. He followed them in the dark, trying to find out their bottom. They lodged in Laotian Village. More days the four little devils quietly set off, the old man will follow down, along the way to try their art, several times almost fell instead. In their hands. "No wonder they were so angry that they mistook me for their teaser." Yongxu said suddenly, "My companion has fallen into the five elixirs." In the hands of the scholar, it was planted in the hands of Lu Ningxiang, the enchantress. He told the story of being attacked by Huang Liang Dimxiang. Finally, he said, "The younger generation has already." Find out where Wulingdanshi is, and I'm planning to. "You're not planning anything tonight." The beggar from the north rushed to say, "The situation on the mountain is very clear to me, the old beggar. The demon way." Living in Jiuhua Jingshe, you can't even find the shadow of a demon array when it gets dark. "Oh!"! However, long span shelving ,Pallet rack upright, the younger generation is not afraid of witchcraft. "Sorcery may not be terrible, but some people use vicious hidden weapons, poisonous smoke and incense to do it secretly. Do you have three heads and six arms?" "The younger generation must go." "By this time, it will be dawn!"! Little brother, you can't act too hastily. If you are anxious, you will be angry. The beggar sat down and said. But "You must be a rather conceited man to look at your craziness during the day.". You can knock out one of these guys tonight, you know. There must be some real talent and learning. Tell you what, I'll plan it for you, and maybe I can get people out. "What the old-timers mean." "Let's take the most unexpected and daring action, and you'll see." The beggar patted his chest and said, Little brother Brother, do you know the origin of these four guys? I don't know. It's really brilliant. Did the old-timers see their background? "Maybe.". Have you ever heard of Luo Tian? Asked the northern beggar. "Oh!"! Do you mean the big and small Luotian in the Dongliu Mountains? Yongxu asked in surprise, "Last year, the younger generation was in Shandong, and I heard of two big ones." One was that Liu Xu, a poisonous dragon, was killed by Xiangma in Shandong. The other was that Huang Hong, a university scholar, retired and returned home. He was assassinated in Linqing and his boat was burned. Fortunately, the assassin is said to be the master of the big and small Luo Tian. Later, Bai Dao Mingsu in the north chased the clouds and took Yueluo generously, which bothered the hands of adults. The book flew south to the police. Although Yongxu has only been on the stage for two years, he has been running around with his teacher for three years before his debut, so he is no stranger to Jianghu. The northern beggar was even more an old Jianghu man. "Chasing the clouds and taking the moon," he said, "I went to Anqing to see Zhang Wenjin, the prefect. Zhang Zhifu knew it long ago Chaotic will Xing, secretly trained a good soldier, overnight invasion size Luotian, surprise attack, crossbow array and Huoqiying. Send divine power, wipe out the big and small Luotian secret caves at one stroke. This incident involved King Ning of Jiangxi, and Zhang Zhifu did not dare to publicize it to the outside world, so Jiang Not many lake friends know about it. "Oh!"! The old-timer is saying that these four men are the remnants of the big and small Luo Tian who slipped through the net? Yongxu asked. Pretty good "No wonder they are vicious and do not abide by the rules of Wulin. The assassin's face is exposed. I should get rid of them." Yong Xu said with regret, "Well, they should be the pawns of King Ning. That.." "If it is really the size of Luotian, of course, it is the minions of King Ning.". Wu Ling Dan Shi is the demon path of the Iron Pillar Palace in Nanchang. His body You don't have to guess. I think your companions must have had a near miss, so you don't have to be too impatient. Let's go. Find a place first. Take a rest. We have a lot of things to do tomorrow. The next morning, two old men appeared in Jiuhua Street. They are Bei Gai and Yong Xu. Yongxu was disguised by the northern beggar for him. There are so many flowers in this area that they can't be counted. From the foot of the mountain to the mountain, there are many flowers along the way, stretching out their hands to the pilgrims. Begging. If it is the Buddha's birthday, it seems that all the flowers in the world come to Jiuhua to catch up with the temple fair,Warehouse storage racks, hundreds of thousands in groups, therefore, two people. Hanako's dress did not stand out.


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