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Original Title: Bafanglutong Analysis: Classification of Down-the-hole Drill How to determine the classification of down-the-hole drill? There are several typical

Other people with some status are Master He, Master Zhou and others. Long, a king's steward with a cold face, is responsible for managing all the servant girls and servants. And the escort on the ship is Wang Tieqiang and Wang Tieqiang. However, Han Li found it with a little attention. Not to mention that the second young lady is a low-level cultivator of immortals, even the king's housekeeper has a strong True Qi flowing in Jianghu, which is comparable. And among those servants, there are also several people with vigorous movements and hidden evil spirits on their bodies, who seem to be not ordinary people. Although the heart is a little strange, but after finding out the situation on board, Han Li will take back the divine consciousness, no longer pay attention to the self-cultivation. Two days later, as expected, the second young lady sent a little servant girl to ask Han Li to come over. Naturally, he would not refuse,Pallet rack beams, and finally in a larger room on the ship, see) Miss. As soon as the woman saw Han Li, she waved her hand back to the others and then smiled at Han Li. Brother Han is also a Taoist! Younger sister Cao Mengrong is a disciple of Xuanyudao. I don't know if Brother Han is a disciple of that school. The woman said with unusual politeness. In her opinion, Han Li has neither the evil spirit of Buddha's light nor the noble spirit of Confucianism, so naturally he can only be a Taoist. Xuan Yu Dao? Han Li's eyebrows moved, but he had not heard of the name. But this is also very normal,Steel racking system, in addition to the ten main doors, the ten demons, the other schools of the Jin Dynasty, he knows very little. This door is only Liaozhou's unknown faction, Han Daoyou does not know, is not unusual. Cao Mengrong saw Han Li hesitating and explained with a light smile. Cao Daoyou is too modest. Han, a casual practitioner, had just entered the realm of immortals in the Great Jin Dynasty, and was not familiar with the various sects. It's a joke for Taoist friends. Han Li hugged his fists and made a look of embarrassment. It turns out that brother Han just came out of the mountain. The younger sister also left the school not long ago. But Ben is really just a Pettitte. But brother Han is so young, and his cultivation is so exquisite. That's very gratifying! Cao Mengrong's bright eyes brightened and he said in a smiling voice. Nothing. It's just a fluke. There was a chance. Otherwise, Industrial pallet rack ,Pallet rack supplier, we can't go this far. Han Li could only reply ambiguously. When the woman saw that Han Li did not want to elaborate, she smiled understandingly and did not ask any more questions about it. Instead, he turned the topic and said: "How could brother Han be frozen in the river?"? Did you encounter a strong enemy? "Something like that.". Han Mou would also like to thank Daoyou for coming to the rescue! Han Li gave a wry smile and did not want to mention it in detail. Such a small thing is nothing. In fact, the younger sister can also see it. Even if brother Han doesn't have to come to the rescue. It won't be long before the ice melts and you get away. It's just floating on the river like this, but it's really amazing. So the little sister is also eventful. And Pettitte and Sanxiu are supposed to support each other. The goddess said with a positive look. Hearing this, he nodded and said nothing. Right. I don't know how brother Han is recovering. If you don't mind, you can stay on the boat for a few more days. The little girl just wants to ask her Taoist friends to give her more advice on her practice! "There's nothing important to do in the next few days." "It wouldn't hurt to stay a few more days. But there is no point in pointing out, and we can exchange our experience of cultivation with each other. Han Li hesitated, I do not know out of what consideration, unexpectedly did not refuse to agree to come down. Cao Mengrong was overjoyed. At that time, because of her limited aptitude, this woman left the school earlier and did not receive any profound magic teaching. Now I can get the advice of Han Li, who is obviously better than her, which is naturally a good thing. So after making an appointment, Han Li and the woman talked for a while, and then politely left. Han boy, why did you agree to stay. I don't want to find a place of spiritual veins to restore my magic power. When Han Li returned to the house, he couldn't help asking. The place of spiritual veins is naturally to be found. But these spiritual places must have been occupied by the big and small sects of the Great Jin Dynasty, and it seems that there are many more immortals in the Great Jin Dynasty than I expected. With my present cultivation, it's really risky to go out and make a mess. I don't want to die on the road in a muddle before I have the power to protect myself. Han Li said calmly. Oh! So what are you going to do. "I have enough elixirs on my body, and there are several kinds of spiritual eyes, which are enough for me to restore the cultivation of the foundation period within a year. At that time, it is not too late to find a way to remove the evil spirit.". As for this woman, although she looks a little scheming, her cultivation is still shallow, and there is no malice. Just in time to learn something about today's Dajin Xiuxian Realm. Plan again and act later. They have already arrived in the Great Jin Dynasty, and they are not short of waiting for one or two years. Han Li said slowly. It is up to you. But I don't have much time. In a few more years, I'm afraid I can't wait to see my own efforts. After all, it takes a lot of time to collect those materials. Dayan Shenjun seems a little worried. Don't worry, senior. I began to pay attention to these materials while looking for ways to relieve the evil spirit. However, the best way is to use the power of a faction to help us collect. Only in this way can we save a lot of time. Han Li seemed to have a pretty good idea and explained slowly. How to use it? This is not Tiannan. I'm afraid the name of Elder Han doesn't work well here. The big clan won't pay any attention to you. Pettitte doesn't have the strength to do that. After all, all the materials we need are hard to find in the world. Dayan Shenjun doesn't seem to be very optimistic about this method. The specific method has not been decided yet, so we can only take one step at a time. Maybe we don't have to look for it, and the opportunity will come to us. Han Li replied with self-mockery. Then he stopped talking to Dayan Shenjun and took a set of array flags from his storage bag and laid a simple ban around him. The man went to bed, took an elixir,Drive in racking system, and sat cross-legged in meditation. Chapter nine hundred evil guests At the foot of Wuyuan Prefecture, on the west side of a small town called Xin'an, two women dressed in green t7t3 were walking side by side on a remote hill. (Hand-made Chinese 724 hours of uninterrupted updates pure txt hand-made novel m).


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