The lover is a minor

& quot; Ah! ! Damn it! My aunt didn't know when she had caught up with me,

quot; Ah! ! Damn it! My aunt didn't know when she had caught up with me, so she waved a broom and hit me! My God, it hurts! Run! But she is so strong that I can't escape! She grabbed me and kicked and hit me, and the broom stick hurt me so much! She didn't treat me as her distant relative at all, not even as a human being! It's like she's fixing a pile of garbage now! I almost fainted from the pain, especially when she hit me with an old wound that didn't heal. I doubt she was a gold medal enforcer in a previous life! No way! I can't die! I was beaten so many times by her, but I didn't die. It's too bad to die this time, and it's not glorious to die like this! So, I had a brainwave and smashed the little cake that had been guarding her in her face. I'm sorry. Mom, I'll save my life first, and then I'll make you a better cake. " Oh yeah, I finally escaped. Run, run, run,silk ficus tree, run to a good place to hide. Whew, a good place is this mail truck parked on the side of the road, I really have no strength, the body is too painful! But when I managed to climb up, quot; Thump ! quot; Damn! I fell down and accidentally tripped over a big parcel box! The lid opened and I heard a "squeak". quot; One There was something running out of the parcel box. It seemed to be a monkey or something. The night light was not very bright,silk cherry blossom tree, and it was even darker on the mail car, so it was not very clear. Terrible! Did I accidentally let a mail item go? Heaven and earth testify that I didn't mean to bake soda! quot; Who ? Who's on the mail? quot; Ah! ! It must have been the mail driver who heard the noise and became suspicious! Aah! Aah! He's in the mail! In a hurry, I had to hide in the parcel box I had just tripped over and put the lid on my head. quot; Strange ! Am I hearing voices? The mail driver shone his flashlight on the mail for a long time. When he found nothing unusual, he touched his head and went down. After he went down, he closed the door of the carriage. No, I think it's locked! I heard the clear sound of locking the door! Just as I was about to climb out of the parcel box in the dark to verify it, the car suddenly boomed. It started in a flash. ! And I because of that quot; suddenly 'Boom 'In a flash, one of them hit his head on something hard, and then he fell unconscious in the parcel box with stars flying all over the sky. "Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you…… quot; Uh ? Who is singing Happy Birthday? Are you wishing me a happy birthday? Well, yes, outdoor ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, today is my 16th birthday, and it's Christmas, hehe. However, no one in the world should remember my birthday! So, who is it? The question mark opened my eyes. I'm still in the parcel box, and the lid is still tight! Fortunately, there is a big square hole in the wall of the box, otherwise I would have suffocated to death. But the parcel box I was in was obviously no longer on the mail car! The outside of the box is so lively, and the light from the square hole is so bright and gorgeous! When I put my eyes on the square hole and looked out, I realized that it was a rich family holding a birthday and Christmas Party. This parcel box must have been sent by the postman. It was a gift from someone else. So the birthday song I heard just now is not for me. So there is someone here who has the same birthday as me. I want to know who he (she) is. So I began to search outside the square hole with my eyes wide open, trying to see the true face of the birthday boy who was born on the same day as me. Because the parcel box I was in was placed on a high platform, I could see the upper body of the people outside the box, including their heads. But they all had their backs to me, and I couldn't even see the head of some of them. Because the altitude is too high, it is definitely above 180 cm. The birthday boy belongs to the people above 180 cm. After receiving a lot of presents one after another, he began to cut the cake with a knife. Verse 2: The Beginning of Love Merry Christmas Happy Birthday Happy Baking Soda (2) Ha-ha, that birthday boy is really strange! Others wear a lot of clothes in winter, but he actually wears a flowery shirt. No matter how much the air conditioner is turned on, he won't spend winter as summer, right? But why can he wear an ordinary flowery shirt so handsome? The flowery shirt, not tight and not loose, embraces his perfect and strong back, with a transparent and smooth neck on the top and long and straight legs on the bottom. The corner of the shirt is flying gently between his elegant cake-cutting movements, and the waves printed on it seem to be alive, so blue, so bright and with mischievous foam white waves, jumping and singing in his unruly and charming temperament; The whole person is like a tree in early summer, with luxuriant branches and leaves, lush and green, full of vitality, vigorous and charming. His back really seems to shine, that kind of dazzling light covers all the people around him into a completely negligible passer-by a passer-by B and other foils! My eyes are about to be burned by this light! But I am not afraid,faux ficus tree, even if the eyes were burned, I still can not help but want to see! But what I want to see is not only his back, but also his front. I really want to see his face clearly! I really have to rush out of the parcel box right now to see her beauty. quot; Impulse 。 The impulse was surprisingly and unprecedentedly strong.


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