Ao Shi Jiu Tian

Chu Yang is waiting with a smile on one side. In fact, he wanted to say,

Chu Yang is waiting with a smile on one side. In fact, he wanted to say, "Don't be busy. There is nothing inside now. Even if the door is wide open, you don't have to worry about anything.". Then Yin Wu Tian opened the door on the other side and said, "Mr. Ye, please." Chu Yang went in to have a look and immediately gasped. It was much bigger inside than on the other side, a long passage that extended into several rooms. It's full of all kinds of materials. All kinds of ores.. Meteorite Iron, Star Steel, Golden Dragon Jade, Black Steel, Red Stone, White Crystal, Sky Soul Jade.. As soon as the door opened, all kinds of light shone together, almost dazzling Chuyang's eyes. There's a lot of material! Chu Yang smacked his lips and sighed. Yin Wu Tian was happy first, and then puzzled. Since there is a lot of material, why do you sigh? Little did they know that Chu Yang's sigh was the real depression! There are a lot of materials, and they are also very eye-catching. But these materials can be outside; no cover, no block,face recognition identification, his side followed by a super light bulb, how to steal ah? So the throne of Chu sighed constantly. This time, there was nothing I could do. It seems that we really have to choose only a few of them. This guy is really too greedy! He has collected so many medicinal materials that he has returned with a full load. And although these ores are rare, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, whether in three days or in three days, they will be much more than here. But watching the light drool but can not take away, it is too depressing a thing ah. Chu Yang stepped in,interactive whiteboard prices, followed by Yin Wutian. This time, the throne of Chu showed his true ability and carefully selected. This one. Chu Yang pointed to a piece of gold dragon jade and said, "Please take out the Yin throne for me." "Good." Without saying a word, Yin Wutian moved the golden dragon jade with a big head to the door. Gold, dragon and jade are said to contain a strange power. Generally, this kind of jade is hidden deep underground and rarely seen. In Chu Yang's mind, it is hard to avoid thinking: Is this strange power the power of the dragons tens of thousands of years ago? But this is not certain. This piece is also OK. Chu Yang pointed to the fist-sized Heavenly Soul Jade. That's all right The Yin Throne is very crisp. Even happy. It seems that he likes more of the materials here. And this one. Chu Yang pointed to a large piece of amethyst. This amethyst is really not small, enough to be half the size of a pig's ass. All right. Yin Wu Tian diligently moved out. And this. Chu Yang strong hold back the excitement of the heart, he has gone to the innermost of the small room, unexpectedly, there is a head size of Tongyun steel! What a pleasant surprise! "Anything else?" Asked the Yin Throne. These are enough to forge a sword. Chu Yang smiled, patted his forehead and said, "I forgot to have the main material. Just take this piece of star steel." Since the Yin throne is not enough, temperature check kiosk ,interactive kiosk price, it seems that it has not reached the bottom line, Chuyang naturally wants to go down the slope, take one more piece. In the future, this kind of opportunity will be gone directly. "These!" The throne of Chu clapped his hands. No problem. I'll ship it out for you. Yin Wu Tian grinned. Heart way, this night childe is still reserved after all, so many materials, unexpectedly only so little; although these are enough to make several swords and more than enough, but.. No one can have too many such good materials. If I were you, I would try my best to move more pieces. Take more.. I want a lot in return. Chu Yang smiled and said gracefully, "In the future, I will make up for all these things. I have a habit in my life that I never take advantage of others.." "So that's it!" Yin Wutian was suddenly enlightened and said admiringly, "Now in this world, there are really too few people like Ye Childe.." Chu Yang nodded his head and smiled, saying to himself, "a man like me who can steal like this is the only one in the whole Nine Heavens Continent, and there is no other semicolon!"! Yin Wutian hummed and hummed and carried several pieces of ore, and refused to let Chu Yang stretch out his hand. He did his duty as a'master 'and sent Chu Yang back to the temporary headquarters before breaking up outside the temporary headquarters. Chu Yang's resolute farewell, Yin Wutian's desperate detainment, finally failed to leave the distinguished guest. He personally recruited a carriage and sent the'Night Childe 'to forge a sword. When Chu Yang got into the carriage, the driver cracked his whip and the carriage started slowly. Yin Wutian stood at the gate of the headquarters, waving his hand reluctantly and being polite. The throne of Chu waved gratefully and said goodbye. What a nice guy. Walked for a while, whoosh, these pieces of ore have disappeared, has entered the space of nine plunder. "The man in front shouted," The horse hissed. "A group of people and horses came, but it was the fifth prime minister who turned around." Don't worry about them. We'll just get out of town. Chu Yang snorted and arranged for the driver. So the carriage gave way to the roadside, and after the fifth gentle motorcade passed, it sped up and went out of the city. The Fourth Iron Cloud Mends the Sky Chapter 329 a gentleman's word, a fast horse's whip! Chapter 329 a word from a gentleman, a whip from a fast horse! Chu throne out of the city, immediately change appearance, toward the direction of the fleet at the foot of Jun Lu, that long-planned musician identity, finally to use on. Big Zhao's trip is finally coming to an end. The Lotus Lake is in sight. Chu Yang's body was like electricity, and he quickly penetrated into the willow forest on the shore. Suddenly there was a light laugh, and a voice said crisply, "Are you back, the son of the big fish pulling the boat?" Chu Yang was stunned and turned to look, only to see a girl in white standing under the willow tree she was leaning against when she left, with beautiful features and smart eyes. It looks like a lovely little girl of the elves. Huh? It seems that we have never met this girl. What do you want from me? Chu Yang stopped and walked four feet away from the girl. I asked you to go, but you didn't go, so I had to come to you. The girl in white wrinkled her nose and said, "Besides.." I'm just a flute player,outdoor digital signage displays, and you don't know. "Well, Di Jue.". I've heard so much about you! Chu Yang nodded indifferently and said, "I can't believe that the world-famous Di Jue is such a little girl who makes people want to spank her buttocks." 。


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