Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

Original Title: Bafanglutong Analysis: Classification of Down-the-hole Drill How to determine the classification of down-the-hole drill? There are several typical

Xu Ruyi shook his head and said, "Sister Caizhen, you said we would just come and have a look and leave.". If you go out now, you will be punished. "It doesn't matter. Sister Ruyi, you stay here and I'll go alone." Lin Caizhen has forgotten her original intention by now, and she firmly believes that her talent can attract men's attention. Xu Ruyi naturally will not let her have the opportunity to appear, so there is a chance to contact with Feng Yanye alone. She stood up with the body of the cat, pulled her and ran away. Lin Caizhen was somewhat annoyed and regretted that she should not have brought this timid person, but instead dragged her back. So she made a slight noise as she pretended to slip away. Not big, but enough to arouse the vigilance of the bodyguards around Feng Yanye. But Xu Ruyi had already dragged her to escape quickly before they reacted. Feng Yan Ye looked at this side subconsciously, only to see two blurred figures disappear quickly. His pupils shrank slightly, and he felt that he was very similar to the man he had run into last time. Could it be the same one? After the two people on this side ran out, Lin Caizhen panted: "Sister Ruyi, why are you running?"? Perhaps the emperor didn't mean to punish us! Chapter 5156 Miao Empress vs Gao Leng Emperor. "Sister Caizhen, there are strict rules in the palace. We heard the admonition on the first day we came here.". Either way, we made a mistake. Let's go back before we get caught. Xu Ruyi said seriously. Lin Caizhen shook her head and sighed lightly, but still insisted on her own opinion: "Sister Ruyi, you are right, but maybe we will succeed."? Let the emperor have an impression, maybe he will take a fancy to it. "If my sister is talented, she will be chosen anyway.". Now is really not the time, sister Caizhen, let's not think about these evil ways. “…… All right, let's go back. Lin Caizhen also does not want to fall out with her now, tidied up the mood to continue to hold her hand. As soon as they arrived at the gate of the palace, they saw the female officer standing there with a cold face. She was accompanied by a few women who were five big and three thick, all of whom were ferocious and took whips. One of them sneered and waved the long whip with thorns in his hand. "I said, these two little hooves must have stayed there and tried to seduce the emperor, right?" Lin Caizhen's heart sank and her mood darkened in an instant. I have been a queen for half my life, and I have ordered countless servants. After the rebirth, I once again felt the taste of being as humble as dust. Now she is nothing, can only swallow their insults. This punishment is certainly unavoidable, Lin Caizhen knows that the jealousy of women in the palace is very strong. These female officials are usually bullied by the people above, and they will find a sense of existence under the people below. Lin Caizhen clasped her nails and warned herself to be patient. Even if you can't escape now, you have to get more for yourself. She stepped forward and protected Xu Ruyi behind her. Holding her hand, pipe cantilever rack , she whispered, "Sister Ruyi, don't be afraid. My sister is here." In fact, Lin Caizhen knew that it was useless to do so, and that it might even make those people worse for them. But at least, Xu Ruyi, who was "protected" by her, could feel her sincerity and maintenance. Lin Caizhen, as a proud and upright person who is not afraid of power and influence, said, "No matter what happens to my sister Ruyi, you can punish me if you want!" As soon as the words came out, the female officers' men immediately laughed sarcastically. Are you still affectionate to your sisters? Look at this little bitch! It's shameless to think that she can charm the emperor with her beauty! "You're so shameless! Look at her!" There is still much to learn in the palace. Think so some means, can fly to the branches to become a phoenix? Bah, you call that'toad wants to eat swan meat ''! ". Lin Caizhen's face became so ugly that she didn't expect to get burned. These people were more vicious and psychologically distorted than they had imagined, and they directly put their grievances on her. She simply had to carry it alone and come forward. After all, she has experienced a lot of things, and Lin Caizhen has a strong ability to adapt to changing circumstances. We didn't do anything else, but we lost our way when we came back, and we didn't have time to make any noise. What's more, if it's true as you say, then if you're not in trouble now, you should be appreciated by the emperor. Ah "Have you forgotten what you said before?" A female officer came forward and grabbed Lin Caizhen's hair. She looked at the contorted, resentful man with even more strength in her hands. Lin Caizhen only felt that when she had suffered such a great grievance? Forgetting who he is now, he wants to resist. Chapter 5157 Miao Empress vs Gao Leng Emperor. Several female teaching officers were even more angry when they saw her and kicked her directly to the ground. Seeing her discomfited appearance, Xu Ruyi stood out. She stood in front of her and stopped the violence of the female officer's men. Xu Ruyi said calmly and righteously, "Stop.". We are the beautiful girls chosen from the palace, and we are the harem reserved for the emperor. Even if a mistake is made, I believe there is a fair and strict punishment, instead of the present lynching! What's more, I haven't found anything wrong with my sister yet! She skillfully avoided the fists and feet of these people and helped Lin Caizhen up on the premise of protecting herself. Sister Caizhen, are you all right? Xu Ruyi asked with concern. Lin Caizhen's face is very bad. He was used to being high above the masses, but he was beaten by the lowest servants and had no power to fight back. I thought I could win the favor of this competitor, but I didn't expect that the person who saved me was her! Two people help each other, Lin Caizhen is unkempt and disheveled, but Xu Ruyi is still like the holy snow lotus on the mountain, without any dust. Suddenly, she realized the difference between them. Had it not been for her own small means, Lin Caizhen knew that she had no way to win in her last life! She gritted her teeth. Bow your head and hide your unwillingness and resentment. Good sister, I'm fine, thank you. Taking a breath, Lin Caizhen endured the pain on her body and vowed to return it ten times in the future.


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