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But Jin Wangchao angrily rebuked: "You are talking nonsense!"! Undead Dan was already lost by you on Feishenfeng.

But Jin Wangchao angrily rebuked: "You are talking nonsense!"! Undead Dan was already lost by you on Feishenfeng. I haven't even seen it. How to steal? "The Immortal Dan is still in my father's hands, but now it's gone," said King Jin Tianleng. "This.." I don't know.. King Jin said coldly, "Say it!"! Where did you take it? Jin Wangchao immediately knelt down and sobbed, "Dad wronged the child. The child really didn't take it.." "You didn't take the undead Dan, so why did you lose the blood Kirin?" "How is that possible?"? The blood kylin is clearly. Jin Wangchao pointed to the stone cabinet on the wall, but found himself exposed by his father, and was stunned there. King Jin was furious. "Where is it?"? Is it in the stone cabinet? How did you know Dad had this stone cabinet? Say "Dad.." Jin Wangchao knelt on the ground with a panicked face. King Jin was even angrier. He stood up and said, "If you don't tell me, I'll kill you!" With his palm raised, Jin Wangchao quickly dodged and tears flowed down. The boy really didn't take it. The undead Dan is still in the blood unicorn. "You still want to argue that it's obviously a fake!" "Where is it true?" "Just tell the truth," said Jun cautiously and coldly. "If you really fall into the hands of a young man with a black face and hide it blindly, your father will be even more unforgiving. For you, why not tell the cause and effect, or seize the opportunity to take back the immortal Dan! Jin Wangchao suddenly cried very sadly: "Father, the child is wrong, the child should not take away the elixir, but accidentally lost in." In the hands of the black-faced boy. When he heard that what you said carefully was true, he must have the evidence. He might as well admit it. At the worst, he was beaten by his father. A meal can also be used to see if his father can recapture the elixir and fall into the hands of the black eyelid monster, which is really cheap for him. Jin Wangtian was so angry that his seven orifices smoked and his face was pale. "Did you really steal the elixir?" "The child is guilty." "You wicked son, I'll split you!" Jin Wangtian was so angry that he raised his right palm and tried to split it down, but his strength was too strong and his heart fire rose again. Just as he was about to split it out, his heart was cramping,liquid bottle filling machine, his throat was sweet, and his mouth was full of blood. He actually wanted to be hurt. Heart pulse internal organs, the whole person has fallen unconscious. Jun carefully frightened, called the landlord, hastened to help him, see his face white scary, weak breath, heart bosom friend fire. Into the devil, even point a few fingers,plastic bottle making machine, seal off his strength flow, lest the blood is broken apart. When King Chao saw his father like this, he pounced on him in a panic and called his father not to wake up. He blamed him for being careful and scolded him for being careful. "How dare you, the devil, kill my father! I'll fight you!" Both fists and legs are about to attack and kick. "Damn it, the black sheep of the family!" Jun carefully swept his right palm, which made Jin Wangchao's left face swollen and his mouth bleeding. He crashed into the seat and fell to the ground. Jun, be careful Ignoring him, he hurried outside, screaming, "Come on!"! The building Lord walked the fire demon! After shouting, he rushed back to the secret room and carried out the internal force to the Golden King's Tianmingmen acupoint. The words were like thunder from a clear sky, and as soon as they were finished, the whole building of Jinyu Tower was boiling, and everyone was in a panic and entered an emergency situation. Gold Buer, the Golden Eagle, Edible oil filling machine ,PET blowing machine, the Golden Lady, and the Golden Jade Man all crashed into the secret room. The floor is mainly possessed by the devil, it is tantamount to asking them to take the road of destruction, which is too terrible, and let them not. Ken accepts. Fang jumped in. "Taiyang, Baihui, Tiantu, and Qimen," you shouted carefully, "express your inner strength!" Too late to think, control to four people all to the four acupoints to force out the internal force, immediately attracted the golden king day crazy spit several mouthfuls of blood. Lady Jin was a lay disciple of Emei. She had a wide knowledge of martial arts, and she knew about her husband Very detailed, see him so, tear has flowed, sing again cry: "Jade person!"! Go and get Da Xu Dan! This is the only golden elixir that she recognized from Emei, hoping to save her husband's martial arts. Jinyuren hurried out, she left Tiantu hole empty, you be careful anyway there are two strong flow, free a hand, to this. When the acupoint is pressed, the collapse and inward flow are sealed for a while. In the blink of an eye, Jinyuren found Taixu Dan, crushed it and fed it into his father's mouth, and then took it back to Tiantu acupoint. Golden elixir entrance, into the abdomen, a series of fiery rise, the golden king's breath is more stable. But only for a moment, the collapse Flow to the abdomen, a mad blood, and the medicine to all vomit out. When Mrs. King saw that her husband's stomach could not absorb the medicine, she was immediately in despair and sobbed: "Wang Tian, you have to be stronger." Stop.. I have no way, tears still flow. "The gentleman sees carefully, the heart falls horizontal, drink greatly:" Call small golden egg definitely! "Call small golden egg definitely! What he roars is the golden jade person, she actually did not know who the small golden egg is, anxious and looked at the gentleman blankly carefully, was at a loss. The gentleman roars again carefully: "It is your little brother, go quickly! Go quickly!" In a hurry, Jinyuren, like a small soldier, rushed out, but suddenly she thought that her brother was not good at martial arts and was still young. What's the use of having him here? After thinking about it, she still desperately put it in the study, grabbed her brother and ran to the secret room. Jin Wangyu couldn't figure out what was going on and was caught in the secret room. "Here comes the little golden egg," said the Golden Jade Man. Jun shouted carefully: "Come here quickly!"! Take out the knife! Jin Wangyu was so frightened that he jumped over and took out his dagger. "Hero.." he said. He thought he made a mistake I was afraid that you would be careful to punish me. Up to now, I haven't moved my eyes. I haven't seen my father seriously injured and waiting for medical treatment. Jun careful no time to explain, change the Qimen point to the gold and jade man, grabbed the gold king jade dagger, in his right path to draw. Bleeding marks. Jin Wangyu cried out in pain and wanted to jump away in panic. The gentleman drinks carefully however cry: "Send blood quickly!" Dropping the dagger, his right hand grabbed Jin Wangtian's mouth and suddenly pried his teeth open. Only then did Jin Wangyu see his bloody father and scream for his father. "Your father wants your blood!" You shouted carefully. Only then did Jin Wangyu understand his intention to be careful. He quickly lifted his right arm to his father's mouth and pressed his arm fiercely. Blood dripped down. Down. He would have used his own blood if he hadn't been careful to stop an acupoint and a tooth, but he didn't have enough hands,liquid bottle filling machine, so he had to do so. Jun careful also don't know how to just enough quantity, see gold king jade complexion pain white, the blood also drop gold king day mouth.


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