Da Cheng Xiao Chun

To Tang Fang's surprise, more than forty paintings soon had their own owners.

To Tang Fang's surprise, more than forty paintings soon had their own owners. Lao Li bought all the water plants. Old Cen took half of the countryside. Chen Yisheng left three forests and two villages. The paintings were taken back into sacks and placed beside their new owners. Tang Fang looked at Chen Yisheng's five paintings for a long time, and then came to his senses, but saw Fang Shaopu talking to Chen Yisheng in front of the octagonal window. Chen Yisheng's facial expression was very strange. He looked up and down at Fang Shaopu several times: "Do you have only 300,000 yuan in all?" Tang Fang walks over: "Is the money that buys a picture insufficient?" Fang Shaopujun blushed and shook his head. "Paintings are not expensive. Two are only forty thousand." He gave a wry smile and said, "To tell you the truth, my little mother will celebrate her birthday next month, and my brothers have prepared gifts of at least two or three million yuan.". I was so short of money that I couldn't choose the right gift. I just saw that Lao Cen had a pair of jade bracelets. "Gold is valuable and jade is priceless." Chen Yisheng nods: "You know the goods." Tang Fang frowned: "Then you don't send it.". Your little mother is not a good person, and she is not good to you. Why should she send it? Fang Shaopu sighed with a wry smile: "This year I was able to enter the bonus pool at home, and she also voted for it.". It's not good not to send. Tang Fang blinked and his expression froze. Such a mess of porridge, put in the novel clearly should fight to the death is, even if she certainly can not swallow this tone, really do not understand how their family two wives so many sons and daughters are peaceful coexistence. Chen Yisheng looked at Tang Fang's dull appearance and could not help laughing and reaching out to rub her head: "Are you stupid again?"? Since he works for his family and depends on his family for food, how can he break his face? You have to send it, but you can't send it shabbily-don't get angry. I washed my hands. Smell it. Tang Fang raised his eyebrows and looked at his slender fingers shaking in front of him, and he had the impulse to bite them. Chen Yisheng saw her gnashing her teeth, like a little kitten who had lost her temper. His heart was itching. If only no one had been there. He really wanted to hold her in his arms and rub her hair, and coax her for a long time. After coughing twice, Chen Yisheng patted Fang Shaopu on the shoulder. "Come on, I'll buy you a bracelet. You're welcome." Fang Shaopu thought he would excuse himself because of Tang Fang, but he didn't expect him to be so straightforward. He had mixed feelings when he thought of what he had seen and heard today. As soon as Old Cen heard Chen Yisheng open his mouth,juice filling machine, he smiled and took out the bracelet from his carry-on bag. "If you only have two hundred thousand, you can give two hundred thousand.". Put it in the ledger you owe. Tang Fang curled his lips and smashed two ginkgo eyes on Chen Yisheng's face, thinking that this guy had really plucked his feathers and earned a hundred thousand yuan in a word. But Chen Yisheng told frankly, "If I buy it, I will only give you two hundred thousand yuan.". Because I bought it for Xiaofang, I will add 100,000 yuan to you. I'm sorry. Old Cen laughed and turned around to take out a piece of black jade from his bag and handed it to Tang Fang: "Xiaotang and I are very close to each other. This is a gift for you.". It's worthless. Take it. Thank your friend for buying my bracelet. Today, I ate, drank, painted and met new friends. I'm the only one who did business. I'm happy. Tang Fang was not willing to accept it and refused several times. Chen Yisheng could not help but take it over. He rummaged in Lao Cen's bag for a long time, found a red rope, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,Vegetable oil filling machine, put it on the sign, and put it directly on Tang Fang's neck. He looked at it with satisfaction: "It looks like a dog tag.." It's very expensive. Tang Fang blushed to come out, and the rope stuck a red mark on his cheek. Old Cen stiffened: "Is Xiaotang looking down on something I carved?" "No, no-you really can't accept it." Tang Fang was so anxious that his eyes were red. Fang Shaopu sighed and reached out to hold Tang Fang. "Just take it." I'm afraid these people are to see Tang Fang, Chen Yisheng's heart of Sima Zhao, only Tang Fang has nothing to see. He asked himself if he could not wait to introduce a woman to his friends if he had not caught up with her, and the answer must be NO. But although he accepted Chen Yisheng's favor of buying bracelets, he would not give in. But Chen Yisheng asked Tang Fang with a smile, "Do you really not accept it?" "You can't accept it.". I'm sorry, it's not that I don't like him. "Tang Fang was anxious to explain to Lao Cen.". Chen Yisheng stretched out his hand to take down the jade tablet. "Then I'll keep it for you first." Tang Fang was stunned and did not react. Old Cen laughs however: "All right, all right, anyway same.". It's my fault. I scared Don. Yi Sheng, you can't be lazy in my new product exhibition. "Don't be lazy. When we come back from Xi'an, we'll go to your place to see the scene." Chen Yisheng answered in one mouthful. Old Cen was very happy: "Well, well, come with Xiaotang. The home-cooked food cooked by my wife can still be eaten.". Come on. Tang Fang is dizzy. What's the matter? Near dusk, Xie Dajie and Xiaoxie were settled by Lao Li to his friend's hotel, and Fang Shaopu was called back to the meeting by his family. Other people under the tea shed are still very interested in talking, all over the world, all kinds of interesting things, stupid things, proud things are shaken out, drinking tea, drinking wine, no one thought of dinner. It was getting dark, and the timing light in the tea shed lit up automatically. Tang Fangzheng was fascinated, and suddenly Chen Yisheng's stomach rumbled beside him. Hungry Tang Fang pretended not to hear and did not overdo it. Hungry- "The voice is not loud, but the coda rises, with a bit of grievance.". How old are you? You still act like a spoiled child. Don't ask for a face. Tang Fang laughed in his heart and grabbed a handful of melon seeds and began to eat them. Chen Yisheng poked her with his elbow and asked in a low voice, "Would you like to eat for me?" Tang Fang looked back. Chen Yisheng's chin rested on his arm, and the Peach Blossom Pool in the Peach Blossom Eyes was winking mischievously at her right eye, as if smiling rather than smiling. He did it on purpose! Nong is a hooligan! Dare to molest your Aunt Tang! The melon seeds in Tang Fang's hand were scattered on the face of Chen Yisheng, who was selling pretty, and kicked him hard on his leg. Thirteen! Watching Tang Fang's back disappear in the door of the old villa, the men under the tea shed burst out laughing. Come on, Yi Sheng. "Yes,water bottle packaging machine, Xiao Tang can control you." "How does the melon seed rain taste?" "Chen Yisheng, you also have today?" Chiang shook his head and sighed, "The women here.." The younger brother and sister are too fierce. 。 gzxilinear.com


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