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"I don't deserve to study." Xu Wenliang said, "However, just now, Director Feng said at the meeting

"I don't deserve to study." Xu Wenliang said, "However, just now, Director Feng said at the meeting that the technology introduction and digestion are of great significance to the development of China's metallurgical machinery industry. We are required to do our best to master the technology transferred by Germany. I don't understand it very well. Can I give some advice to Director Feng and Director Wang?" As soon as Xu Wenliang opened his mouth, Gong Zhenxing knew what he was going to say. He quickly stopped him and said, "Old Xu, I know you have your own views on some issues of technology introduction, but now it's time to eat, so don't talk about your professional things.". Besides, you have been engaged in metallurgical equipment for more than 30 years. Director Wang and Director Feng are not as old as you. Is it appropriate for you to be so difficult for them? Uh. What kind of talk is that? Feng Xiaochen choked. Gong Zhenxing's words sounded like an excuse for him and Wang Genji, so that Xu Wenliang would not make things difficult for them. But the meaning of the words is that Feng and Wang are not qualified to answer Xu Wenliang's question. Your age is not as long as other people's working age. Is there anything you can show off here? Wang Genji is insolent, but his IQ is not low, or not too low. Feng Xiaochen heard the thorn in Gong Zhenxing's words, and he was more able to hear it. He was holding a glass of wine, ready to find someone to toast, heard Xu Wenliang and Gong Zhenxing this,silk ficus tree, he put down the glass, looked at Xu Wenliang, said coldly: "Chief Engineer Xu, the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology is an important decision made by the Central Committee, and Xiao Feng and I are not qualified to question it.". If Chief Engineer Xu has any different opinions on this policy, we can take them back and submit them to the leaders of the Major Equipment Leading Group for discussion. I think they should attach great importance to the opinions from the grass-roots level. Chapter 173 Xu Wenliang's resentment. Qin Zhong has a deep resentment about the introduction of 1780 mm rolling mill,large palm trees for sale, which was known as early as Feng Xiaochen moved the drawings in the Metallurgical Department of Nanjiang Province. Nanjiang Iron and Steel Works is preparing for a 1780 mm rolling mill production line, which is a decision made by the state. After the news came out, Puzhong and Qinzhong both asked the State Economic Commission for instructions, hoping that they could undertake the manufacture of the production line, or at least as a leading enterprise to undertake the work. Before Nanjiang Iron and Steel Works, two hot-rolled production lines of the same scale had been built in China, and the two enterprises undertaking the construction tasks of these two production lines were Qinzhong and Puzhong. Before that, in the 1950s, China imported hot-rolling mill and cold-rolling mill manufacturing technology from the Soviet Union, and Qinzhong and Puzhong were the transferees of the technology. Later, the hot-rolled and cold-rolled production lines built in China were basically led by the two of them. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union aided China in building a steel rolling production line of 1100 mm. On this basis, faux grass wall ,artificial grass panels, Chinese enterprises carried out innovations and creations, and successively produced 700 mm ultra-thin strip rolling mills, 4200 mm thick plate rolling mills and 1580, 1760 and other specifications of ordinary plate rolling mills. Among all these innovations, there are contributions from Qinzhong and Puzhong. This is something they have always been proud of. In the mid-1970s, China imported a set of 1700 mm hot rolling mill and 1700 mm cold rolling mill from Japan and Germany, which opened the pioneer of importing metallurgical equipment from Western countries. When Nangang was preparing to build a 1780 mm hot rolling mill, the Metallurgical Bureau of the State Economic Commission rejected the request of Qinzhong and Puzhong and turned to Japan to introduce benzene. Later, because it was found that Japanese benzene companies played tricks and bundled some unnecessary things into the equipment for sale, the country decided to choose West Germany as the equipment importer, and had Luo Xiangfei's trip to Germany, and finally decided to provide the technology by the German company Klinz. The investment of a hot-rolled production line is as high as hundreds of millions of dollars, which is more than one billion yuan in RMB. Every enterprise is salivating for this big cake. According to Qin Zhong's original idea, even if he could not swallow the cake alone, he would have to share it with other enterprises such as Puzhong, and there would be hundreds of millions of RMB on his own plate. Who would have thought that the country would choose to import technology and only let them undertake some corner manufacturing work under the name of the international general contractor, which could not make the leaders of Qin Zhong resentful. Before Feng Xiaochen set out, they already knew Qin Zhong's dissatisfaction with the introduction work, and this dissatisfaction also directly affected the enthusiasm of undertaking technology transfer. Luo Xiangfei sent them to Qinzhong to coordinate the work, hoping that they could resolve this discontent and let the cadres and workers of Qinzhong devote themselves to the work of digesting and absorbing the imported technology. According to Feng Xiaochen's original expectation, Qin Zhong should not put forward his own opinions so directly, but will show some indifference in the specific work. Who would have thought that at this welcome banquet, Xu Wenliang actually began to attack directly. Since Qin Zhong's attitude was known in advance, Feng Xiaochen certainly could not have made no preparations. But he intended to combine design and production links to reason with Qin Zhong's leaders and engineers, and did not intend to talk about this matter at the dinner table. The dining table is not a place where we can talk about technology. If we want to talk about it, we can only talk to each other, which is very disadvantageous to Feng Xiaochen. Wang Genji stepped forward at this time, but attracted firepower for Feng Xiaochen. Feng Xiaochen did not know what Wang Genji was going to say, but it was good to have him to stir things up, if not, he would come out again to smooth things over. Thinking of this, he smiled and said nothing, but picked up his glass and motioned to Song Hongsheng and Gong Zhenxing, then slowly sipped the wine in the glass, waiting for Xu Wenliang to speak. Xu Wenliang, more than 50 years old this year, is a university graduate before liberation. When Qin Zhong was founded,fake ficus tree, he was an engineer in the factory and was a veteran figure of Qin Zhong. He has presided over the design of several domestic hot rolling production lines. After the introduction of Jiangcheng's 1700 mm hot rolling mill in the mid-1970s, he visited Jiangcheng Iron and Steel Works and submitted a report to the Ministry of Machinery on "mapping and imitation of imported 1700 mm hot rolling mill", but unfortunately it was not approved. hacartificialtree.com


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