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In a hurry, he could not help shouting angrily. He wanted to get up and fight with her husband.

In a hurry, he could not help shouting angrily. He wanted to get up and fight with her husband. Who knows the body is pressed by black ugliness, still as if nothing had happened. In the midst of his busy schedule, he saw that the black and ugly were still on his body, and that a little nigger about three feet tall, surrounded by blue smoke all over his body, was already fighting with his husband. The God nail clearly saw through the body, but it was not damaged at all. It really lived up to its reputation and was mysterious. The first time I saw him in my life, I couldn't help loving and admiring him. The more she treated her husband like dirt, fearing that he was not angry enough, she pretended not to see her husband on the side, and deliberately made a lot of commotion and ugliness. It turned out that Chi Lu, the husband of the temptress, had been jealous since that day and had killed his face. The two of them changed their faces and made a scene, almost starting to work hard. Usually dotes on, has been used to, temptress fornication, as early as the agreement, bandits from now on. The sorceress's magic power was slightly inferior, and if she really wanted to start in a hurry, she would inevitably suffer losses. Instead, she would be aroused, and it would be even more difficult for her to be happy in the future, so she left in anger. This sorcerer is a violent person. Every time he has a quarrel with a sorceress,uns c68700, he will bear the burden again and again, add some harsh laws and strange rules, and suffer more coercion, so that he can make up as before. This time, it was also because she had killed a new friend, a temptress, who was in love and did not have any scruples. She was too jealous to look down on her. She was so jealous that she suddenly killed her. He was well aware of the good wife's temper and would never give it up. Partial and reluctant to part, the temptress left only half a day, then regret. The heart thinks: "Have to beg her to come back anyway,347 stainless steel, admit defeat as much, why bother to suffer the pain that lives alone more?" So he came out to look for it. Knowing that the temptress has recently offended many of her fellow disciples, she usually only cares about ingesting strong men and taking supplements for fun. There are many of her fellow disciples who have no way to return and will not go far away. His new love has died, and he has turned against himself. He can't bear loneliness when he comes late. At this time, he must go to the nearby mountain town to absorb one or two teenagers. He is still looking for a place to get together in the mountain to quench his thirst. Knowing that this woman is the most hard-hearted, the later she is soft, the greater the loss. If you want to find her, it's better to go early. Who would have thought that the temptress's usual hiding place had been searched several times, but there was no trace. In the end, my heart turned gray, and I remembered that the temptress would be with the person she had taken at this time, enjoying herself in the hidden place, but she had become a lonely ghost, and I couldn't help being jealous again. When I was worried and angry, I suddenly heard the sound of breaking the air. Looking up, I saw three brilliant lights flying across the sky from east to west. The color was like a rainbow, flying very high. The light was not strong, x52 line pipe ,a333 grade 6 pipe, and the flight was even slower. If I were an ordinary person, it would be hard to hear. As soon as you look at the number of ways, you will know that you are under the door of the Orthodox Church. He thought to himself, "Almost none of the disciples of the enemy faction is weak. These three sword lights have not been refined for a long time. How could such a wise man use them to parade?"? These young people are extremely hateful, and they are happy to get rid of him before he becomes a climate, and there will be many fewer accidents in the future. Angry again on the head, burning with anger, the idea of a change of mind, immediately flew after the air. But the three enemies did not wait for him to catch up with them. They had already returned to meet them. As soon as they met, they shouted, "Where are the evil spirits? They are all dead!" The sorcerer saw that the enemy was three women, all of whom were immortals and very beautiful. One of them, a girl dressed in black, was particularly beautiful, and he could not help being lustful. He thought that the enemy's flying sword was normal, and he wanted to capture it alive for fun. It was Yu Fangdang, Li Wenxing and Wan Zhen, the proud disciples of Baiyun Master yuan Jing in Yunling Mountain, Sichuan. Because Master Bai Yun was the first to learn Taoism, he was as old as Xuanzhenzi and Songshan Erlao in the same generation, and he was the first to accept apprentices, so Yu, Li and Wan all had profound attainments. In recent years, he was ordered by the master to practice in another cave house in Laoshan Mountain, Shandong Province. At any time, he accumulated external skills outside and did not live together. This time, the three girls heard that Emei would open its mansion soon, and Martial Uncle Miaoyi Zhenren was ordered by Shizu to formally inherit the Confucian orthodoxy. I also heard that there were a lot of talented people among the younger brothers and sisters of this school. Ningbi Cliff had been opened up, and many of my classmates had moved in, and there were many accidents. Fairy mountain scenery, very wonderful, selfish yearning, is not a day. The last time Ciyun Temple, Qingluoyu Sword Fighting, and Shi Nanxi and other sorcerers attacked Ningbi Cliff, they were all in seclusion to make alchemy. They were waiting for the fire and did not go forward, which was often a deep regret. In addition, I haven't received Shifu's decree for a long time. Although I know the grand ceremony of the opening of Emei, I will never refuse to participate. I finally want to meet these new classmates earlier. And find out if the master will move to the Xianfu Qingxiu Fufen in the future. So on the pretext of the provincial division, he rushed to Yunling Mountain. Master Bai Yun also received a young disciple named Yun Zixiao, who was very beautiful, intelligent and gifted. When we met last year, zixiao didn't have a good sword because she hadn't been a beginner for a long time, and the three sisters each had a fairy sword to carry with them, and they were very strong in Taoism. So she carried someone on her back first, and asked the elder sister Yu fang-heng to find it for her. After I agreed, I thought to myself, "Master once said that although it is difficult to practice kungfu, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will eventually succeed.". Only a good sword depends on the fate of each person, which is hard to find. Although the elder sister promised, do you know when she got it? If all three sisters had been entrusted, we would have expected more. So he asked Sister Li and Sister Waner for advice. The three girls loved this little sister so much that they couldn't bear to be told. They all agreed and promised to do it. Maybe they can bring it to the provincial teacher next time. At worst,uns s32750 sheet, each person used the essence of hardware to refine, but also refined three mouthfuls, never let her down. Zixiao was overjoyed and thanked again and again. lksteelpipe.com


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