President Series: Overbearing President Little Enchantress

It is undeniable that Liu Mei is a very simple and beautiful girl. That's why the mother would threaten and lure him to take her at all costs. In order

It is undeniable that Liu Mei is a very simple and beautiful girl. That's why the mother would threaten and lure him to take her at all costs. In order to cultivate feelings, I believe this will be a good business marriage. However, he has no intention of getting married now. Did the mother think something would happen to him with this simple little girl? Wrong, very wrong! If he really needs a woman to play with him, it must not be the little girl who stays in his room now. He is at a respectful distance from this kind of woman. He didn't want to make a mistake and throw himself into the grave. That is not allowed to exceed the birth limit! Anyway, I can't afford it! "You go back to your room to rest first. It's getting late. We'll go out to play tomorrow." His soft words appease, alas! If he was really a daughter, he had never coaxed any girl, but today he made an exception. Liu Mei pouted and smiled shyly. Auntie asked her to seduce President Meng. I was nervous just now, but this man seems to be a gentleman. Liu Mei's cheeks were flushed and her heart was beating so fast! Volume I Chapter III First Knowledge Chapter III Wishful thinking is really wrong, Liu Mei's moment of love ripples also soon disappeared-early death. Business marriage? This time, the plan has been broken. On the third day of her arrival in Thailand, Liu Mei pestered Meng Haoyu to go shopping. "Haoyu, what gift should we buy for our aunt?" She knew that Meng Haoyu's holiday was only a week, so she had to do everything in a hurry. Buying a gift for Mrs. Meng is the key. It's absolutely right to please the future mother-in-law! She would rather play less, now for her, Meng Hao is the day. Meng Hao suppressed the anger in the bottom of his heart, and his mother would go so far that she even had to get involved in a trip. This time he meant to relax,coltan ore processing, but he was pestered by a boring stupid woman every day, which made him crazy. However, his mother had a friendship with the wife of Huangshi Enterprise, and Liu Mei was entrusted by his mother. Even anger, there is no way, is it really let him put this charming daughter into the sea to feed the fish? It's hard to explain when you go back, this trouble! But he knew that if the woman was still nagging,small gold wash plant, he would get on the plane and leave Thailand, even if his mother complained. It was not his turn, for a woman in a red dress with five-inch heels was watching them from a distance. Then there was a fragrant skeleton in his arms, and the woman in red threw herself into his arms. Hao, you come to travel, why do not inform people, good or bad, but people miss you very much. It's flattering to the bone. One side of Liu Mei's face was green, and the little beauty, who had always been elegant like a princess, trembled with anger. She, she had never seen such a cheeky woman, how could she throw herself directly into Meng Hao's arms? "Hao!" Liu Mei's voice trembled, chrome washing machine ,Carbon in Pulp, and Miss Jiao did not know what to do. Ow! Where did the little beauty come from? The beauty in red glanced at Liu Mei, with a woman's intuition, this young girl, not afraid! Hao doesn't like this kind of troublesome woman, how she knows him! Dating for two years is no fun. Qin Lan, Liu Mei. Meng Hao pushed away the woman in red and gave a brief introduction. Hearing each other's name, Liu Mei's face turned even greener. Who doesn't know Qin Lan, a social butterfly, but also the legendary confidant of Meng Hao. With the arrival of Qin Lan, her chances of winning are only fifty percent. Meng Haocheng is relieved this time. As the saying goes, the snipe and clam are locked in a stalemate, and the fisherman benefits. Meng Haocheng sneered and watched two stupid women argue. It doesn't matter, although they are all very annoying, for the sake of his complete peace, it is a sacrifice. In the evening, Meng Haocheng transferred to the British plane to leave Thailand, and this time let them fight enough! He doesn't care. Just out of the airport, the driver waved to him in the distance. But as soon as he took a step, he was hit hard in the face. There must be an internal injury, he thought. Although he is a woman, he can't bear to throw himself into his arms like this. But the next thing I know, he's really burning with anger. I'm very busy. Would you please look ahead when you walk? The other side pushed him away. You He saw clearly that it was an oriental girl with a ponytail and a T-shirt and jeans standing in front of him with her waist akimbo. Did I hit you? He couldn't help laughing, and to be honest, he was really happy in front of the super strange scoundrel. What do you say? Don't you know the mistake you made? It's so sad! She looked at him as if she had seen a monster. Are you kidding me? Who's the monster? He sighed, knowing that the strange girl had decided that it was his fault. Full responsibility is full responsibility! He was too lazy to care. What do you want? It seems to meet a rogue, but, such a pure and intelligent face, is actually doing this line of work, unfortunately! Meng Hao is going to spend money to avoid trouble, but the girl in front of him is not happy, "you will not treat me as a liar!" Meng Hao and Yang Yangmei, this cheater is really aloof. Rare! He really treated her as a liar, and the girl finally understood. I don't want your stinking money. Do you want to pay for it? Bring this. She raised her index finger and shook it. Ten thousand? Her appetite is really not small. But ten thousand is ten thousand! "No!" The girl sneered, looking down on her. That is At this moment, he felt that he had a strange idea about the girl. He was disgusted with the greedy woman. How about a hundred million? The girl's words were surprising, but Meng Hao smiled. This woman has enough courage and courage. It's very attractive to him! He gave her his card, implying that if she had enough courage, she could get some benefits. The girl smiled, very charming, but extremely angry smile. She gracefully threw away the expensive card and said, "I really think I'm a liar. What I want is for you.." Before she had finished, she kicked him hard,magnetic separator machine, and what she wanted to give him was-yes, a kick. Here you go! I'm responsible for the medical expenses. She pulled a wad of money from her bag and stuffed it into his suit pocket. Is ten thousand enough for your medical expenses? Meng Hao grabbed her arm, and the girl was really lawless. Not enough medical expenses? Ten thousand more? The girl's lips were rippling with a faint smile.


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