Wolong gives birth to wind and rain and the return of swallows

It is undeniable that Liu Mei is a very simple and beautiful girl. That's why the mother would threaten and lure him to take her at all costs. In order

In a twinkling of an eye, the two sides have fought fifty or sixty strokes. Zhao Xiaodie saw that the monk's martial arts were somewhat similar to those of the Shaolin School, but there were some differences between the changes in his moves, and the technique was a little strange. Not as good as the Shaolin martial arts. After Zhao Xiaodie roughly understood the monk's martial arts, he immediately launched a counterattack and attacked with all his strength. The monk is not a man of mediocrity. After Zhao Gedie fought back with all his strength, the monk's palm was also greatly strengthened. In an instant, the potential surged, affecting the place where the field dream was stopped. In a twinkling of an eye, the two men broke up with each other again. Zhao Xiaodie even made two strange moves. They were all dissolved by the monk. Yang Menghuan looked on coldly and saw that there were many similarities and differences between the monk's technique and the martial arts recorded in the Gui yuan Mi Ji. Shocked, he said to himself, "Is it possible that Tianzhu's martial arts?" Is it also related to the "Gui yuan Mi Ji"? With this distraction, he did not notice the fighting situation in the field. The two sides have already fought hard. But hearing the two light sounds of Bobo, each of them took a step back. Zhao Xiaodie gave a sneer. "I'm afraid we can't win or lose in three or two hundred strokes," he said. The monk wiped the sweat from his head and said, "Such beauty and martial arts are really rare in the world." Zhao Xiaodie said angrily, "We are enemies of each other, fighting for life and death. Who wants you to praise me?" "The girl is very beautiful," said the monk in yellow. "How can you not praise her?" Zhao Xiaodie said coldly, "If you praise me again, I will kill you just the same." "That's not necessarily true," said the monk in yellow. Zhao Xiaodie said,Carbon in Pulp, "In terms of tactics, it's hard to tell whether we can win or lose. I think we'll have to fight with internal force." The yellow-clad monk shook his head and said, "Each of them has his own internal strength. That's not to die. It's like a girl with such talent and appearance. Wouldn't it be a pity if she was hurt by the poor?" Zhao Xiaodie gave a sneer and said, "Then you might as well try it." Suddenly he mentioned True Qi. The light of the double sun flashes. Forced into the monk's face. Monk Huang already knew Zhao Xiaodie's martial arts and dared to be careless at all, so he quickly concentrated on lifting his spirits and was on full alert. The two men stood opposite each other and gazed intently for a moment. Zhao Xiaodie slowly raised his right hand and patted the monk slowly. This move looks very slow, but in fact it hides the change of the number of days and accumulates a thousand catties of internal force. Yang Menghuan said in his heart, Zhu Ruolan is hiding in that tree. She must see it very clearly. If Zhao Xiaodie is not his opponent, Sister Lan will surely help him. Or say something to stop it. Between the thought,gold shaking table, two people's palm strength already meets solid, Peng ran in the light vibration sound, touches together with the palm. The monk's body was much higher than Zhao Xiaodie's, and his palm was in a commanding position. Seemed to be dominant, Zhao Xiaodie petite and exquisite, compared with the monk, suffer a lot. The two sides were locked in a stalemate over a cup of hot tea, and the situation fluctuated violently. The monk wore a yellow cassock, which was windless and automatic, and sweat rolled down his face. Zhao Xiaodie's cheeks were as red as fire, and sweat was faintly visible between her eyebrows. Yang Menghuan heaved a sigh of relief, brought into the Dantian, fully alert, such as Zhao Xiaodie slightly helpless, mineral flotation ,gold cil machine, immediately rescue. The palms of the two men suddenly shook, and after a moment, the monk in yellow cassock suddenly stretched back and sat on the ground. Zhao Xiaodie smiled and said, "Tianzhu's martial arts are nothing more than that." The jade finger stretched out and touched the monk's shoulder acupoint. Zhu Ruolan jumped down and said to Zhao Xiaodie, "Sister, you have worked hard." Zhao Xiaodie heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I am hardly his opponent." Zhu Ruolan said, "Sister, you still have a lot of potential. In fact, you don't have to compete with him. You can still beat him. It's just that you're too eager to win and don't want to fight for a long time." "" Thank you, sister, "said Zhao Xiaodie. "I speak from the bottom of my heart.." said Zhu Ruolan. Turning his gaze to Yang Menghuan, he said, "Brother Yang, thank you for taking this man with you." Yang Menghuan answered and mentioned the monk. "Where are we going?" He asked. "Come with me," said Zhu Ruolan. Turn around and walk forward. Zhao Xiaodie and Yang Menghuan followed Zhu Ruolan closely, walked forward, and stopped in a valley surrounded by mountains. Zhu Ruolan glanced around and said, "This place is very secret. Put him down." Yang Menghuan put down the monk in yellow. The monk was still sitting cross-legged. Zhu Ruolan, Zhao Xiaodie, and Yang Menghuan stood around the monk. Zhu Ruolan raised her hand to straighten her hair and said slowly, "Do you want to see Zhu Ruolan very much?" The monk looked up at Zhu Ruolan and said, "Are you Miss Zhu Ruolan?" "Not bad.." said Zhu Ruolan. "If you don't want to suffer, then answer my question truthfully," he said, his voice suddenly turned cold. "If I answer your question truthfully," said the monk in yellow, "what will you do to me?" "I'll let you go," said Zhu Ruolan. "I won't let you get hurt at all." "You Chinese always do what you say.." said the monk in yellow. "Yes," said Zhu Ruolan, "if you tell the truth, it won't hurt you at all. But if you say an empty word, be careful of the pain of your flesh." The yellow-clad monk looked up at Zhu Ruolan and said, "Good!"! You ask! When Zhu Ruolan heard him speak clearly, she said to himself, "This man speaks with perfect pronunciation. I'm afraid he's not a native of Tianzhu." Then she asked, "Are you a native of China?" The monk shook his head and said, "No, I was born in Tianzhu." Zhu Jilan said, "It's amazing that the people of Tianzhu can speak our Central Plains language so fluently. That's really rare." "I've lived in your country for eighteen years," said the monk in yellow, "so I know your customs like the palm of my hand." Zhu Ruolan hesitated for a moment and said, "Let's not talk about this. Where is your great master now?" Monk Huang Yi said, "Liujia Village at the foot of the mountain, Liu yuanwai's house." "I'll go and have a look," said Zhu Ruolan. "If what you say is true, I'll let you go as soon as I come back. If you talk nonsense,sodium cyanide price, you won't be able to live." "My master's eyes are like torches," said the monk in yellow. "He has a subtle insight. If you go, you won't be able to come back." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com


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