A record of survival in the last days

It is undeniable that Liu Mei is a very simple and beautiful girl. That's why the mother would threaten and lure him to take her at all costs. In order

In a strange place, in fact, according to Zhou Yulong's cautious character, it should not rise into the air. Because he is not yet aware of the situation around him, if there is any strong enemy, he will become a very conspicuous target, very dangerous. But in this case, he can only take a risk when he can't tell the direction. This is This time, however, Zhou Yulong was lucky enough not to be attacked by the enemy after taking off. But when he flew high into the sky, he saw a huge iron city standing on the horizon far away. Seeing this huge city of steel beyond imagination, Zhou Yulong first gave a slight meal, and then a very incredible look appeared on his face. A world of ice and snow, an extremely cold climate, a steel city! When these three conditions were added up, Zhou Yulong immediately knew where he was-Greenland,Glass Cosmestic Containers, where the forward base of Atlantis I was! Damn it! Why are you here? Looking at the distant city that was almost beyond the scope of his career, Zhou Yulong immediately restrained all his breath and minimized his energy fluctuations. Now he is alone, and if he really disturbs all the masters in the forward base of Atlantis I, I am afraid he will really suffer. However, while cursing in a low voice, Zhou Yulong was a little puzzled. He couldn't figure out whether the big head zombie had brought him here by chance or on purpose. If it is intentional, then Zhou Yulong is afraid to re-evaluate the ability and wisdom of this big head zombie! "Do you want to leave at once or go and have a look?" Floating quietly in the air,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, Zhou Yulong looked at the Atlantis forward base in the distance and fell into the battle between heaven and man. Since he came here by chance, it would be a pity if he didn't go in and have a look and touch the bottom of the strongest forward base in Atlantis. It's just that if this Atlantis 1 forward base is really as powerful as Lucifer relayed, then it seems a little dangerous for him to go into Longtan alone. It doesn't matter. If you can't fight, you can always escape. If you get hurt, you won't die anyway! After hesitating for a moment, Zhou Yulong gritted his teeth hard, then spread his wings and lowered his body to a height of only half a meter above the ground, flying towards the distant city at a steady, fast and unnoticeable speed. After entering the body of metal mimicry, Zhou Yulong's stealth ability has gone far beyond what ordinary people can imagine. Metallized all over, he has no body temperature or smell, Glass Cream Jars ,oil dropper bottle, and will not leave any trace where he passes. And his silvery metal skin has become the best protective color on this ice field, which has no color difference with the ice and snow on the ground at a glance. Coupled with the warning of the perception of homologous elements, even though Atlantis had passed by him many times on patrol in the ice field, he was not aware of his existence at all. As a result, Zhou Yulong slowly and steadily approached the steel city standing on the ice field. Soon, the appearance of the city, it really appeared in the eyes of Zhou Yulong. Like Advance Base 2, Atlantis Advance Base 1 has no walls, which are meaningless to Atlanteans. The whole city is open, and you can see the general structure of the city at a glance. Near the Atlantean No.1 Forward Base, the first thing that entered Zhou Yulong's eyes was the laser artillery array on the outermost edge of the No.1 Forward Base. Because of the long operation time, the size of the artillery array of Atlantis 1 has far exceeded that of Atlantis 2 on that day. At a glance, it is almost immeasurable. Although this kind of laser gun is far less flexible than Atlantean advanced biological weapons in attack, it has incomparable advantages in defense. After all, as long as these laser cannons are supplied with energy, they can be fired without interruption. Atlantis 1, which has a magnetite energy generation system, will not be troubled by energy problems. Coupled with the powerful energy defense shield, this forward base is equivalent to having the strongest spear and the strongest shield. No matter how powerful the enemy wants to attack this huge steel city, they must be prepared to take huge casualties before they get close to the city. However, due to the non-combat status, these energy shields and laser gun arrays are dormant and not activated. Nevertheless, when Zhou Yulong saw the huge laser artillery array, he still shivered all over, for fear of accidentally activating these artillery arrays. When the time comes, even if he is an immortal, he will be blown back and annihilated under the countless laser cannons. PS: The first one is more! Cough, today is Friday, this week every day update is very late, not cold deeply sorry, I hope you can forgive and continue to support not cold! Chapter 1090 the human strong captured alive! Bypassing the dormant laser gun array and energy shield generation system, Zhou Yulong saw the biological weapon manufacturing base of Atlantis 1 Forward Base. Compared with the No.2 forward base, the No.1 forward base is far beyond the number and size of the Arsenal. Just looking at the row upon row of huge arsenals, Zhou Yulong could not help but swallow his saliva deeply, and a sense of fear rose in his heart. So many huge arsenals, even if only used to produce low-level biological weapons, the number of these biological weapons is enough to completely submerge the entire human coalition. What's more, there are complete defensive measures and powerful heavenly forces in the No.1 forward base. If you want to attack this underground city,Amber Dropper Bottles, with the existing strength of the human coalition, it is no different from a fool's dream. The number of people in front of this dungeon has no meaning, it seems that we can only think of other ways to deal with this forward base. 。 penghuangbottle.com


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