A thousand faces of elegance

It is undeniable that Liu Mei is a very simple and beautiful girl. That's why the mother would threaten and lure him to take her at all costs. In order

Although Murong Ke has no intention of them, he can face this kind of beauty that can be picked with his hand. The body still reacted. I felt a pain in my lower body. He sat up slowly. This time, he was much calmer. The two girls snuggled up to him and sat down, and the girl on the left hand, intentionally or unintentionally, rubbed against the tent protruding from his lower abdomen. And the girl on the other side. It is tightly to squeeze their own body to his body. Murong Ke's handsome face, with a lazy smile, hugged the girl on the left and put his mouth to her face. His right hand, on the other hand, reached into the chest of the girl on the right and twirled left and right. By this time, he had already figured out that a man should have a lot of accommodation in the world. In such a situation. For the sake of Sier's safety, I will do whatever I can. Why do you have to make trouble with Fu Hong for such a trivial matter? Besides, these two women are peerless. It's worth having fun. The two women were touched by him and groaned at the same time. They blushed and dawdled on Murong Ke, looking at Murong Ke's eyes, but somewhat disappointed. Fu Hong laughed and clapped his hands vigorously. "Young man," he shouted, "it should be like this, it should be like this!"! Four childe to do so, we barbarian man, why learn those Han people, curved road,S Adenosyl Methionine, even touch a woman also take into account again and again? Ha ha, there is a room at the back of the hall. Why not go and have a good time? He himself was a romantic man, and he was on guard against Murong Ke, who refused to accept the beauty he had sent to his door. When he saw that he had accepted the two women, he was greatly relieved. He felt that Murong Ke was still a barbarian, and there was no need to be too afraid. Murong Ke swallowed a mouthful of tea from Ling'er on his left and said with a smile, "Fu Gong specially summoned Ke to come. If Ke doesn't figure it out, he won't be happy to be romantic." Fu Hong was so happy that his fat body trembled with laughter. "Nothing,D BHB Factory, nothing. It's just a small thing. It's just a small thing." As he laughed, he saw that Murong Ke's eyes were clear and he looked at him with a half-smile. He gulped down the wine in his cup and stopped laughing, saying, "What do you think of my land?" "The scenery is beautiful and the fertile fields are thousands of miles away." Fu Hong was greatly pleased. After the fat on his face jumped, he said, "I heard that the Fourth Childe and the Big Five of the Stone Tiger are at loggerheads. How likely are they to become mortal enemies?" Murong Ke had already pulled his hands out of his hands. He took a sip of the wine and locked his clear eyes on Fu Hong's face. He nodded slowly and said, "Not bad." Hearing his admission, Fu Hong was very happy. With a clap of his fat palm, he leaned forward and said proudly, "Then I can form an alliance with the Fourth Childe." Sure enough. Murong Ke put his heart at ease. He leaned back lazily and said, "Fu Gong is right." "Fu Hong laughed, clapped his hands, and shouted," Somebody, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, invite the Fourth Childe's men up. With that, he stood up and his fat body paced up and down the hall. He rubbed his hands repeatedly, looking excited and not knowing how to say it. Murong Ke couldn't help thinking to himself, I've heard for a long time that this Fu Hong was a waste, so he was sent by Shi Hu to Qin to be the head of the clan. Look at what he did to me, and he was really incompetent. Then there was a sound of footsteps. Moments later, a group of people appeared at the door, who were the guards of Chu Si and Murong Ke. As soon as Chu Si entered the door, he was attracted by the three people sitting in the main seat. Murong Ke sat in the guest seat, and his left and right sides were close to the pair of stunning women. The two women squeezed him tightly, and the woman on the left even sat on his lap. The woman on the right also turned her head from time to time, smiling delicately. Both women were smiling at the corners of their eyes and their eyebrows were full of spring. And Murong Ke at this time is also both sides, a romantic and comfortable look, he stood for a long time, he did not look back. Chu Si pursed her lips tightly, and for some reason, an indescribable bitterness of anger hit her chest. Since she came to this world, although there was a sense of strangeness, desolation and death everywhere, her heart never felt lonely. Because she had always thought that when she had no way out, she could come to Murong Ke's side and hide in his arms to find a quiet place. Because she always felt that even if the whole world abandoned herself, Murong Ke would be there. He will wait for himself, spoil himself and love himself. As long as you want to come to him, he will always be there. This feeling has nothing to do with race or even love. His figure is her last and most firm dependence in this world. In the subconscious, Chu Si, who had all these ideas, at first saw Murong Ke and the two women leaning against each other, intimate and infinite figure, as if she had been hit on the head by a huge stone of one thousand catties, which made her chest stuffy and painful, her head dizzy, and the whole person seemed to have been drained of strength, almost soft to the ground. After her body shook, she stood more straight, but her face under the gauze cap turned white, and her eyes staring at Murong Ke were also foggy. Fu Hong saw Chu Si standing in front of the crowd at a glance. The fourth son of the Murong family had a special liking for a Jin woman named Chu Si, and almost all the interested people knew it clearly. He looked at the slim and graceful Chu Si with interest, and the light flashed in his small yellow eyes. After looking up and down, he stood up and said with a smile, "This is Miss Chu Si. She is really made of jade.". Tut-tut, without even showing his face, he outdid my two adopted daughters. Murong Ke was so tightly snuggled by the two women that he was enjoying the warm and fragrant nephrite. As soon as he heard Fu Hong's words, he immediately turned his head and looked at the door. On this pair of Chu Si, his handsome face immediately glowed. Breaking away from the two women, he stood up in a hurry and looked at Chu Si and others and shouted with a smile, "What are you waiting for?"? Come here. Do you have any pink tickets? Vote for Fengzhi Hufu. Haha, this book is very interesting. You might as well go and have a look,Kava Root Extract, taste it, and cast a few pink votes by the way. Chapter 109 little children. Chu Si stood motionless at the intersection, and the other guards could not cross her. It was not until Murong Ke drank like this that Chu Si took the crowd and walked slowly to the middle of the hall. pioneer-biotech.com


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