The Daily Life of the Sweet Wife of a Big Man in the Business Circle Is Also Known as: a Beautiful Woman with a Cute Wif

It is undeniable that Liu Mei is a very simple and beautiful girl. That's why the mother would threaten and lure him to take her at all costs. In order

Song Qingcheng breathed the breath of a man and could not help closing his eyes. Until she returned to the house, she felt her lips were still warm, and in her mouth, the smell left by men, as if it would melt into her blood through saliva. May be really like, will feel that such intimacy is very sweet. At 10:17 am, Yu Tingchuan took the man home. At that time, Song Qingcheng was squatting beside the stairs, watching his underpants eat dog food. Outside came the sound of a car whistle. The underpants barked and rushed to the entrance at once. Song Qingcheng then stood up, the weather outside today is very good, sunny, she pushed open the door of the villa, just saw Joice hands breaking the fence door to push in, underpants have rushed past, around Joice desperately shaking his tail, enthusiasm is irresistible. Joice giggled and squatted down to hug his underpants and let them lick his little face. Compared with other boys of the same age, Joice is shorter, which is also the reason why he looks like a beautiful little girl at the age of seven. In the sunshine, he has short hair,Thyroid Powder Factory, flat bangs, dark coffee hair color, jeans and small board shoes, wearing a down cotton-padded jacket, but from a distance, he can't see that the child has a physical disability. Then, the sound of the car locking the door sounded. Outside the fence,Theobromine Powder, the Land Rover was parked. Song Qingcheng turned his head a little and saw Yu Tingchuan push open the fence door and come in. He was carrying the child's schoolbag in his hand, and his head was shaking behind Yu Tingchuan. Besides Joice, Yu Jing, who was on vacation at school, also came. Why did you come out? Yu Tingchuan noticed Song Qingcheng standing in front of his house. His eyes were deep and gentle. Song Qingcheng's face was hot. He walked down the steps and then paced over: "I heard the sound and ran out. I also came out to have a look." Yu Tingchuan looked at her sweater and cropped pants and said, "Go into the room first. I just caught a cold for two days. Don't catch a cold again." Words fall, a line of people into the villa. By this time, Aunt Gong had begun to prepare lunch. Yu Tingchuan went to the kitchen to pour water. Song Qingcheng took Yu Jing and Joice to the living room, Yu Jing is still the same look, but Joice, now facing Song Qingcheng, not before the enthusiasm, but also very polite, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, after sitting down next to Yu Jing, two small hands on the legs, tiptoe can not touch the carpet. Song Qingcheng put on disposable gloves, peeled a sugar orange and handed it to Joice first. Thank you Joice took it with both hands and thanked him aloud. The tone is not very standard. Yu Jing stretched out her hand and pinched Joice's face: "I played with you at home all afternoon and evening yesterday. Except for the sound of my sister at the beginning, I never squeaked again. Why did you come here with such a sweet mouth?" Joice broke off the orange and handed half of it to Yu Jing. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at Yu Tingchuan as he walked into the living room. He immediately turned his head and shouted, "Dad!" The child's voice was hoarse and could not hide his dependence on his father. Holding a glass of water, Yu Tingchuan looked at Song Qingcheng: "Joice has gastrointestinal discomfort these two days. Open your schoolbag and take out the bottle of blue probiotics." Song Qingcheng nodded, went to the front of the schoolbag, and quickly took out the bottle of probiotics. It's a bottle of Australian life/space. She unscrewed the bottle cap and found that it was powder, and then looked at the packaging, according to Joice's age, it should be a spoonful. Joice was very cooperative, eating probiotics, taking the glass and drinking water. Song Qingcheng was afraid that his aunt would be too busy, so he got up and went to the kitchen to help. Before long, Yu Jing also swayed in. Do you have yogurt? Song Qingcheng put down the potatoes and opened the refrigerator door to help her get a cup: "I'm going to eat right away. Do you still drink?" "It's not boring." Yu Jing laughed. As she spoke, she looked at Aunt Gong, leaned close to Song Qingcheng's ear, and said in a low voice: "Although Joice was born to my second uncle and his ex-wife, he has a good character. He has been raised by his mother all these years, and he has no hatred for our family." When a couple divorces, the one who is responsible for taking care of the children will often tell the children that the father or mother is not good, in order to prevent the children from being close to the other party, which is a very common phenomenon in life. "I don't think Joice rejects you," Yu Jing said in a sneaky way. ” Song Qingcheng looked at her with a half-smile: "Afraid I will abuse the child?" “…… No Yu Jing flatly denied: "How could you abuse a child?" As she spoke, she encircled Song Qingcheng's arm and put her head on her shoulder. "Our second aunt is virtuous and kind. The most important thing is that she likes my second uncle so much. She must love me, love my dog." Song Qingcheng was amused by her and closed the refrigerator door. "Go out. Dinner will be served in a quarter of an hour." "I have something to say to you after dinner," said Yu Jing. "Say what?" Song Qingcheng is curious. Yu Jing, however, refused to reveal more and went out: "I'll tell you after dinner." …… At about 11:30, Aunt Gong brought the dishes to the table. Song Qingcheng put the bowls and chopsticks for everyone. Yu Tingchuan had already pulled out the chair next to him and motioned for her to sit down. Joice and Yu Jing sat side by side, facing each other. The atmosphere in the restaurant was more harmonious. Yu Jing picked up a chopstick of shredded potatoes and couldn't help praising: "Tilt.." The second aunt's cooking is really good! With these words, he also raised his thumb at Song Qingcheng. Song Qingcheng smiled at Yu Tingchuan, this dish of potato shreds is fried by Yu Tingchuan, just now he went into the kitchen, Song Qingcheng just cut potatoes, see her clumsy, but also almost cut fingers, immediately took over the past, even cut and fried, which did not fall. Maybe it tastes really good. Joice picked up the spoon and scooped two spoonfuls into the rice bowl. Even if his eyes reveal the message of love, he does not take the whole dish for himself,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and his behavior is restrained enough to show that the child's upbringing is good. Song Qingcheng looked at Joice at dinner and had to admit that he was well taught by his mother. It was also in this way that she became curious about Yu Tingchuan's ex-wife. Why can a woman with proper self-cultivation not even manage her marriage well? After dinner, Song Qingcheng got up to wash the dishes. Yu Tingchuan says however: "Put, I will wash good." 。


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