Return of the God King of the League of Legends

It is undeniable that Liu Mei is a very simple and beautiful girl. That's why the mother would threaten and lure him to take her at all costs. In order

Although he didn't go back to school for a long time, Yan Xiao also wanted to go back to school to have a look, but it was really cold to go out in winter. He shivered and followed the wind dance. Maybe Yan Xiao's equipment was wrapped up tightly. No classmates recognized him all the way. He took the wind dance all the way to the e-sports club unimpeded. Oh, Yan Xiao? Why are you free to come back today? As soon as Yan Xiao entered the warm embrace of the e-sports club, he pulled his hat and collar open, revealing his original face. Originally, when he saw Yan Xiao and Feng Wu coming in, Chunjie, who was slightly stunned, immediately recognized Yan Xiao. He took a look at Feng Wu, who was still wearing a hat, and said, "Who is this?"? Are you classmates? I don't think I've seen it. Just as Chunjie finished asking this sentence, Fengwu reached out and took off his hat, revealing his face. This is in the e-sports club, but are loyal fans of the game League of Legends, especially the e-sports club team, they are also very good level, for professional competitions are also quite concerned about, this wind dance, naturally there is no reason not to know. After seeing the wind dance, Chunjie opened his mouth directly into an O shape, looking excited, pointing to the wind dance with some stuttering, "This is the wind.". Wind dance?! Chunjie's words made all the people in the e-sports club stop what they were doing. In a twinkling of an eye, they looked at the wind dance around Yan Xiao. In an instant, Yan Xiao and the wind dance were immediately surrounded by people. Everyone was very excited to look at the wind dance, and their eyes were like looking at a star. This can not help but let Yan Xiao not happy, how his reputation is not better than the wind dance? Why didn't these guys look like that when they saw him? But to see the wind dance one by one so excited? But then again, when they just knew that he was a shadow killer, they seemed to be very excited,Thyroid Powder Factory, but after a long time, they became immune, which is really the nature of people who like the new and hate the old! Yan Xiao secretly complained in his heart. Scanning a circle of people around him and the wind dance, most of them are members of the team of the e-sports club, and some are the officers of the e-sports club. Yan Xiao unexpectedly saw Xu Zhi. Although Xu Zhi is the officer of the E-sports club, it seems that he does not often come to the E-sports club at ordinary times, especially when Yan Xiao is still at school, it seems that he has never seen Xu Zhi. Today, the wind dance is really a coincidence. Xu Zhi is here?! Thinking that when Xu Zhi was chatting with him before, he happened to be seen by Fengwu. Now Fengwu is coming to the e-sports agency and Xu Zhi happens to be there. Yan Xiao could not help touching his chin and thinking that this might really be the fate of God. He looked back and forth at Xu Zhi and Fengwu without any trace of his eyes. It seemed that they were a good match. Xu Zhi saw the wind dance is naturally excited and embarrassed, when hearing Chunjie's words, Xu Zhi is the first to turn around and walk towards this side, but it seems that she deliberately slowed down her pace, now she did not stand in the front, but stood behind Lu Jun, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, looking at the wind dance, a pair of beautiful eyes are full of love, and even the face is red unconsciously. Fortunately, she was hiding behind Lu Jun, otherwise even if Yan Xiao wanted to keep it secret, he would be exposed. Shadow kill, your classmates are very enthusiastic! Wind dance is very happy to accept all kinds of questions, including signatures and so on, while proudly raised eyebrows, said to Yan Xiao. He originally proposed to have a look at Yan Xiao's school. First, he had been stuffy at home for too long and was afraid of getting moldy. Second, he also wanted to see the quality of the T big girl to guess what the girl who admired him who chatted with Yan Xiao looked like. Along the way, the wind dance looked left and right, feeling that the quality of this T big girl was just like that, and it seemed that he didn't see anything particularly good-looking, so he seriously doubted that Yan Xiao's sentence was quite good, and it was a pity to match your credibility. But then again, although the wind dance care about appearance, but also not face control, the girl's words to Yan Xiao, but also let him feel very warm, can so silently care about him, even if not very good looking, that also. We can be friends. However, as soon as I arrived at the e-sports club, I was warmly surrounded by the people of the e-sports club. I asked this and that and signed my name. Feng Wu had completely forgotten the purpose of coming to T University. He began to chat with the people of the e-competition club, and almost threw his words out of the sky. And Xu Zhi has been quietly standing aside watching the wind dance, to tell the truth, her heart is actually very grateful to Yan Xiao to bring the wind dance, if not, I am afraid she has never had the opportunity to watch the wind dance so close in her life, watching him talk. While Fengwu was not paying attention, Yan Xiao quickly approached Xu Zhi and lowered his voice. "Since he saw that sentence last time, he has been asking about you in a different way, but I keep my mouth shut." "Thank you." Xu Zhi smiled at Yan Xiao, and then quickly turned his eyes to Feng Wu, as if he didn't even have time to look at Yan Xiao. Yan Xiao could not help touching his nose, watching everyone dancing around the wind, ignoring him every minute, really depressed. Is this the end of being familiar with each other? If I had known, he should not have been so familiar with these guys! "I don't want to answer that question." Yan Xiao stood listening to everyone chatting with the wind dance, while eating melon seeds, suddenly heard Lu Jun asked about the killing, looking at the wind dance suddenly sank down the face, Yan Xiao's heart also slightly sank. Everyone soon realized that this matter was a taboo for Yan Xiao and Feng Wu. Although they were curious, they could not ask any more questions, so they brought some other topics to the past. Wind dance is also a forgetful, random two questions, just forget the question, the atmosphere is not heavy. Chapter 394 dull wind dance (first watch). Feng Wu and Yan Xiao simply sat down in the e-sports club. To tell the truth,Glucono Delta Lactone, although Feng Wu planned to wander around and evaluate the quality of T girls at the beginning, the weather was so cold that he couldn't stand it after wandering around. At the moment, the warm e-sports club and the enthusiastic students undoubtedly became the reason for Feng Wu to stay.


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