Sweeping the world

If this time through the test of Liu Yan, their relatives, have the ability to pass the examination, the official to be an official, is don't want to cross the five-grade official this line.

If this time through the test of Liu Yan, their relatives, have the ability to pass the examination, the official to be an official, is don't want to cross the five-grade official this line. This is the limit of what Liu Yan can do. Dare to threaten the emperor, by some reasons not killed on the spot nine clan over, is how much Liu Yan to worry about the views of the people of the world, is to want to revenge also want to beat around the Bush and leave no trace, can do this is already Liu Yan rational enough. I need beauty. Liu Yan turned to look at Tuoba Xiu. "What do you think?" Although I didn't understand whether I wanted a real beauty or something else, what Tuoba Xiu could do was to smile and look at each other. I won't go there. Liu Yan wants to understand, he is really really need beauty! Tuoba Xiu sent Liu Yan away with endless confusion. She does not understand a little, Liu Yan has never shown any hobby for beauty, how to say clearly today to beauty that kind of words? As night fell, Liu Yan sent someone to summon the officials of the General's Office and the three provinces and six ministries. When it's time to eat, I don't know how many people are in the middle of the meal, get the call to stop eating quickly, and change clothes in the fastest time. Even if there is no one eating, who will not wear court clothes at home, knowing that it is a very formal call, it is necessary to step up time to change clothes. In the evening, the rain became heavier and the sky was full of lightning and thunder. Do you know what happened? "Your Majesty's call overnight must be a great event!" Ji Chang and Sang Yu met at the gate of Jianzhang Palace. They had a brief conversation and continued on their way. Liu Yan is in the hall of the court meeting,brass tube fitting, before the minister has not come, is looking at the minister one by one all wet, full of discomfited appearance into the hall to see. The person who came first, see Liu Yan has been in the main seat, the heart is filled with endless panic, know that it is absolutely a big event, see no colleagues present,hydraulic fitting supplier, not even an exchange of eyes, head swelling, eyes full of Venus, forced himself to open the big meeting to sit down. The people who came from behind found that Liu Yan, who had never seen before, had arrived first. They wanted to ask their colleagues who had arrived first with their eyes, but they found that every colleague had his head down. As a result, they tried their best to control their bodies without trembling and their feet without weakness. They sat down in their seats with difficulty. Zhu Qing. Liu Yan saw that all the people who should come had come. As soon as he made a sound, all the people below were out of position. They went to the outside of the case to make a gesture of worship: "I need a beauty." Tonight was so unusual that Ran Min, who liked to make jokes, just bowed to the ground. In normal times, Ran Min might have shouted, "The last one will come for Your Majesty." Now he is breathing heavily. I congratulate Your Majesty! Ji Chang stood up and bowed down again. "Congratulations to the big fellow!" The man who understood swept away his previous worries and fears, with endless joy on his face, and repeated Ji Chang's actions and congratulations. Those who had not yet understood were confused, ball valve manufacturer ,pipe fittings manufacturer, and although they did so, they did not know why they wanted to congratulate. The big fellow, the soldiers are sharp, and there is no shortage of money. In fact, Liu Yan did not deliberately increase his voice, but his voice could be conveyed to every corner of the hall: "Foreign enemies can be destroyed, and internal affairs are based on state funds.". I went through yesterday's things, the heart is worried, the big fellow lack of, alone will become a city. Ji Chang is really ecstatic at this moment. In the past, he made several obscure suggestions, saying that a country (nation) should have its own core values, but it must not create core values with wealth, which will lead to the tragedy of not being close to each other. In the eyes of the world, there is only capital, and there is no ethics. At that time, Liu Yan naturally understood, but the main argument he received in later generations was to reject Confucianism. In fact, he did not understand what Confucianism was. He unilaterally believed that Confucianism was not only useless but also obstructive. Waiting for Liu Yan to really know what Gangli Lun Chang is, no one has taken this to persuade, all people are happy with more and more wealth. Some clues have been showing the disadvantages of only focusing on interests, Liu Yan originally thought that it was not time to pay attention to it, but it happened that even the most stubborn group of people have changed. He could not sort out the clues for a while, but out of intuition, he found that something was wrong, and it took him two days to know what he needed and what the country (nation) needed. Chapter 1002 it's not too late. As an individual, when he has a choice, he must seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Only when he really has no choice will he ignore the advantages and disadvantages. Liu Yan is a member of the material society, originally did not feel anything wrong with people's pursuit of wealth, and even very happy to see them pursue wealth. Most of the founding fathers of the early Han Empire were people at the bottom. If you want them to make national policies, you really can't come up with any plans. It's great to be able to repeat the old things of our predecessors. Some people who see the pros and cons clearly know what they will get, but because there is no better strategy to offer, most of them can do the best is to make euphemistic advice. There are also some people who see the pros and cons clearly, but think that the development of things is beneficial to themselves and their families, neither to remonstrate, nor to add fuel to the flames. There are absolutely no ideas and values that can be achieved overnight, all through the thinking of wise people, put forward relevant concepts, so that society can use a long time to eliminate and adapt. Liu Yan to the contemporary Han people to bring the idea is very direct, the Han people should be the unique overlord race, any alien race should become the nourishment of the rise of the Han people. The Han people, who have experienced great human grief, desperately need to vent, use blood to wash away their weakness, and use countless corpses to prove to the world that they have reached the peak again. Because of the great need, although the domestic people's livelihood is declining,stainless steel needle valve, it is in the direction of Liu Yanjing, the army is invincible. Meritorious service requires a reward, and the restoration of the twenty-grade military merit rank is a set of reward system. chinaroke.com


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