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Officialdom is like chess and life is like robbery: Chapter 117 of the fifth volume of official robbery, the armed police and criminal police before and after slowly came over with guns, pointed the guns at Xu Qiaosheng, and ordered him to put his hands on his head and get out of the car.

Officialdom is like chess and life is like robbery: Chapter 117 of the fifth volume of official robbery, the armed police and criminal police before and after slowly came over with guns, pointed the guns at Xu Qiaosheng, and ordered him to put his hands on his head and get out of the car. As soon as Xu Qiaosheng's feet touched the ground, two criminal policemen rushed over, pushed him down to the ground and quickly handcuffed him. At the same time, the team of Sanya Mobile Company has grasped the situation of Xu Qiaosheng's call and has found out the number of the call. Without too much trouble, they knew that the phone number was the room number of Yalong Bay Resort Hotel. This information was quickly conveyed to the Sanya Municipal Bureau, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately sent a team to the hotel. However, they are too late, Li Zhaolin has already checked out and left. Shu Yan has been staying in the office on the 38th floor of Sheraton, without eating dinner or doing anything. Although Li Zhaolin did not answer affirmatively that Zhou Xiaoyu was kidnapped by him, his actions have explained everything to Shu Yan. Now, Shu Yan's only hope is that Li Zhaolin can release Zhou Xiaoyu before the police, so that things will not deteriorate. She once again checked the relevant legal books, if Li Zhaolin voluntarily released Zhou Xiaoyu, and there was no extortion, and Zhou Xiaoyu went to Sanya completely voluntarily, finally let the court find that the case is only illegal detention or restriction of personal freedom rather than kidnapping, she is fully confident. The biggest leeway for this result is that Zhou Xiaoyu was so frightened that he might not even report it to the police. On the contrary, Li Zhaolin can voluntarily surrender himself. In this way, in the absence of the plaintiff and without causing significant harm, the case may not be investigated in depth, even if some people want to pull things on Li Zhaoping, time,needle valve manufacturer, space and other conditions are not very mature. Shu Yan also knows that this idea is his own wishful thinking. Zhou Xiaoyu was kidnapped is a fact, Yongzhou police have gone to Sanya is also a fact, the situation is changing rapidly, she or Li Zhaolin, is playing a game with the police, but as the protagonist, she can not exert any strength. Shu Yan does not like this kind of feeling, a little bit; do not like. She is used to keeping things within a relative range so that she can grasp them. Just like all kinds of cases she takes over, when she studies the data,14 needle valve, if she feels that things are not sure, she may choose to give up. She often mentions two words, one is control, the other is giving up. She believes that when a person does anything, he must have a correct assessment of the progress of the situation. The premise of this assessment is that you have the ability to control everything, including any changes that may occur. That is to say, before she does something, she will consider all kinds of possibilities, as long as the development of the situation is along her original expectations, it means that she is still in control of everything. On the contrary, once she finds that the situation is developing in a direction she did not expect, and farther and farther, it means that she has lost control of the situation, at this time, she will not hesitate to choose to give up. Giving up is not a bad thing, but a philosophical choice. Philosophically speaking, to give up is to gain. To give up what you can't control is to gain more. This involves Li Zhaoping incident, tube fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel tube fitting, at the beginning, she thought she had enough control, everything was developing in the direction expected. It was not until Zhou Xiaoyu was kidnapped that things began to get out of control quickly. Once Zhou Xiaoyu is found by the police, the situation may deteriorate rapidly, as to what extent, she can not estimate now. According to the principle of her behavior, when that happens, she should make a prompt decision and give up completely. The question is, can she give up? Can she put it down? ? Don't give up And what to do? What can I do? ? Put yourself in your opponent's shoes. If it were her, the moment she got Zhou Xiaoyu, she would make a big fuss about it. Zhou Xiaoyu had stood in the same trench with them, and it was not difficult to get her confession to confirm that the kidnapping was done by Li Zhaoping. It is not even difficult for the case handlers to point all the confessions of the persons involved to Li Zhaoping. Li Zhaolin originally did not know Zhou Xiaoyu, he probably did not personally come forward to kidnap Zhou Xiaoyu, must have found help, those involved in the kidnapping, more do not know Zhou Zhouyu, the only clue to link all the people in this case is Li Zhaoping. Previously, they were secretive for fear of attracting unnecessary attention, but now with a criminal case, they can make a big show of it. This is a kind of reasoning, reasoning is only logic and not evidence. Such reasoning has no effect in court. What the court needs is the logic to which the evidence points, not the clues to which the logic points. However, the value orientation of society is not the same, in society, there is no need for evidence, only logic is enough. For example, in the case he faced, there was no evidence to show the relationship between Li Zhaoping and Zhou Xiaoyu's kidnapping case, so the court would not support the conclusion that Li Zhaoping was the mastermind. But officialdom is different, they need logic rather than evidence, Chen Yunda these people, as long as the logic is laid out, logic will begin to play a role, the direct consequence is that Li Zhaoping's party representative candidate qualification is questioned or even cancelled. Shu Yan had nothing to do but wait. Sleepy, Shu Yan a little unable to endure, lying on the sofa fell asleep. I don't know how long it took, but the phone rang suddenly, and it was already early in the morning. This is the new number she just changed, only three people know, Wang Zongping should not call himself at this time, in addition to Li Zhaolin, there should be no one else. She immediately grabbed the phone, first looked at the number, very strange, asked, it was Li Zhaolin. Shu Yan is not polite, as soon as he opens his mouth, he asks where you are? Li Zhaolin said 1.haikou. There was a sudden jolt in Shu Yan's heart. At the time of the call in the afternoon, he was still in Sanya, but now he has arrived in Haikou, and it seems that the situation is not good to call her so late. Shu Yan asked, what happened? Li Zhaolin said Sister, something's wrong. At that moment, Shu Yan's brain turned very fast. Something had happened,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, and with these three words alone, she understood everything. He left Sanya in a hurry. He's probably being hunted. She said, something happened? What happened 。


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