The glory of Germany

As for being in the air. When the German bombers dropped bombs on the French, none of the French fighters appeared. "You don't really need our fighters," Henchger, commander of the Second Army, said in response to General Grandsall's request for air support. If ever

As for being in the air. When the German bombers dropped bombs on the French, none of the French fighters appeared. "You don't really need our fighters," Henchger, commander of the Second Army, said in response to General Grandsall's request for air support. If every time there is a crisis. Had to use their words. They will soon be. Empty Then Henchger added: "It is a good thing that your army has accepted the German'gift ', because the army needs actual combat to succeed.". The bomb dropped from the plane was not very accurate. So no one can die! The French Ninth Army on the other side. Although General Cora was keen to contain the Luftwaffe. However, he had only 26 MS406 and 30POTEZ63 fighters, which were inadequate and inferior in number, and could not compete with the German Air Force at all. Guderian's conjecture was very accurate,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, and on the night of the 18th, the 10th Army of the French Army on the front began to fight back. It was Henchger, commander of the French Second Army, who was preparing to counterattack. Henchinger was a blunt officer. He had a good reputation among the general staff and senior officers of the French army. Everyone thought he was a military genius. Before the war,push button toilet flush valve, the "genius" believed that the Germans would not make such a serious mistake to cross the Ardennes Forest, and that even if the Germans ventured, it would take at least nine days to reach Sedan. By that time, the French had had enough time to stop the defense at the Maas River. But Henchger was surprised by the speed of the German panzers. But he made a quick decision. On the 18th, the 3rd Armored Division and the 3rd Infantry Division were sent from their own reserves to reinforce them. On the evening of the 18th, two regiments of troops arrived at the appointed place, and General Grandsard immediately ordered the troops to enter the battlefield. On the morning of the 19th. The French 213214 Infantry Regiment moved to the assembly point under the cover of two battalions of the French 17th Panzer Regiment. Prepare for a counterattack on the German-held landing grounds. But the French army's legalistic style and irresponsible French officers made the counterattack a laughing stock. When the soldiers of the two infantry regiments responsible for attacking the German Imperial Flag Guard moved to the assembly point on the front line. It collided head-on with French troops scattered from the front line at Chemery. The fleeing French spread panic to the soldiers of the 213214 regiment. As for most of the soldiers, stainless steel shower tray ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, they wanted to join the deserters. However. Later, the soldiers returned to their posts indignantly under the threat of the army officers and the rifles of the supervision team. But by 3:00 in the morning. An infantry company, led by an officer, broke up. The feeling of failure eventually spread to the command post. The commander of the regiment even used the excuse of evading the German air raid. There are still air raids in the dark? This is a joke.) He hid his troops in a forest 15 kilometers away from the front line. Despite the urging of the headquarters of the Tenth Army, they were unwilling to advance any further. In fact, after four o'clock in the afternoon, the German army did not carry out large-scale bombing. None of the bombers flew over the Maas River at night. The specific situation of 214, another unit of the French Army, is similar to that of 213. The only difference was that the commander of the regiment took his troops to a small town. Thousands of people in a small town is a little ridiculous. The other two tank battalions, which were ready to take part in the counterattack, also had many problems. The biggest problem is the lack of fuel. This is mainly due to the confusion of the logistics department. After refueling, the tanks began to be grouped. The reason is simple. The French army still had the old rules of war. Scatter the tanks among the infantry units as tools. But the speed of the Germans is obviously much faster than that of the French. Four o'clock in the morning. A 1-ton temporary pontoon bridge was finally erected over the broad Maas River. A tank with a crescent moon re shield logo painted on that back roared up the trembling pontoon bridge. This is an armored unit of the 1st Armored Regiment of Germania belonging to the Imperial Flag Guard. How much has passed? Guderian was standing on the edge of the pontoon bridge. Surrounded by men in black SS Panzer uniforms, he looked at the map and asked a tall, handsome man next to him. This handsome man is Joachim, commander of the First Armored Regiment of Germania. Piper 。“ Your Excellency! Two companies have passed within an hour since the pontoon bridge was built. Piper said to Guderian respectfully. Too slow Listened to each other. Guderian shook his head slightly. "The French may be about to attack," he said. We must speed up. Be sure to get the main force of your regiment across the Maas River before the other side. Guderian said loudly, pointing to the broad river. Presentation! A telegram from the General of the Sixteenth Group Army! One of the signalmen shouted at Guderian. Read! Guderian said aloud without thinking. Congratulations to the General for crossing the Maas River! I'll have the best bourbon champagne later! "Ha ha!"! This charity! After listening to the telegram, Guderian shook his head with a smile. Then he waved his hand slightly and said to Piper, "Move on!" Chapter 56 of the fourth book is a counterattack that makes people spew food. Updated: January 7, 2009 2:48:00 Words in this Chapter: 3197 When Guderian received the telegram from General Busch, it was the scheduled time for the French army. If the French counterattack at this time. Then all the Germans who had just crossed the river must have been driven down the river. It's just, it's time. All the French troops who took part in the counterattack did not arrive at the scheduled location. The front-line commander of the French counterattack, Grandsard, had no choice but to postpone the counterattack. The new time was set at 6 o'clock in the morning,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and by 6 o'clock. The French counterattack was not yet ready, and the troops had only just arrived at the assembly point. On the other side, the Germans were already rumbling across the pontoon bridge with most of the main body of the 1st Germania Panzer Regiment.


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