There is room for farming in rebirth

Zhang yuan rubbed his hands and could not wait to roll down Fatty Lu immediately, but Ji Qing knew that things were far from as simple as he had imagined.

Zhang yuan rubbed his hands and could not wait to roll down Fatty Lu immediately, but Ji Qing knew that things were far from as simple as he had imagined. Lu Qingzheng was a man who had to hit the snake seven inches at a time. Only when he was killed at one time could he avoid future trouble forever. If he was not killed, he would be retaliated more fiercely in the future. And the way to kill the snake, Fatty Lu, is to get him out and not allow him to hold any position in the government unit, otherwise he will turn over one day, when his position is higher than others, that is when he severely trampled on his former enemies! To understand this, Ji Qing sighed and said, "Don't be impulsive. Lu Qingzheng is not easy to deal with, and you have no experience. It's not easy to come to this unit. You should not cause trouble and work with peace of mind." The author has something to say: … A lot of people don't support me anymore. Chirp, chirp. Roll for support and call you back! 89 Zhang yuan is very unhappy, he has not said enough, but the boss ordered, he can not but do. Now that they know that Fatty Lu is not easy to deal with, Ji Qing always reminds Zhang yuan to pay attention to the sense of propriety and never let Fatty Lu catch the handle. If Fatty Lu catches the handle, it will be too passive. They must always grasp the initiative. As for Song Muwen and others, they simply do not know that they have been in the center of the storm, do not know that this storm is only the root of the previous things, this matter to be solved, but also really a very difficult thing. By June, China had indeed sent troops to support Vietnam's war of resistance against the United States,stainless steel toilet, and Vietnam had many of the personnel it had requested. Carambola son also know that Yu Ermeng is definitely going to the front, with Yu Ermeng's ability, from small to large there is nothing he can not do, just think of his son to go to the battlefield, to go to the place where bullets do not grow eyes, carambola son can not help crying. Suffering from war, the Chinese people want peace and live a peaceful and stable life. People of the age of carambola have basically experienced the War of Resistance Against Japan and the Civil War. Although they were not very old at that time, what they saw was real,Time Delay Faucet, impactful and unforgettable. For war, carambola has a natural fear. She was afraid that the war would take away her sons. Although she had five sons, she felt that without any son, the family would no longer be a complete family. Song Muwen was also worried about the carambola, but she was more aware of the actual situation of the war, and she had a strong intuition that Yu Ermeng would come back safely. At the same time, Song Muwen also regretted that if she had sent more things to Yu Ermeng, even if she wanted to review them, she would not be able to check them out if she was careful. But it's too late to say anything now. I'm afraid the troops have already entered the Vietnam battlefield. As the vanguard, the danger is also great. June, is destined to be not dull season, this time two aunts also have a body, and four aunts also have a heel, two aunts are very happy, after giving birth to Song Muxuan and Song Muhui two brothers, Flushometer valve ,Concealed Flush Valve, she has not been pregnant for a long time, now is really a surprise. But who doesn't have five or six children these days, so the second aunt doesn't think it's too much to have two sons. If the cubs behind are as smart and excellent as their brothers, the second aunt is very willing to give birth, and it's no problem to give birth to more. Four aunts are also happy, because the Song family is the only one without a son, no son can not inherit the family line, although the country has been advocating equality between men and women, but the deep-rooted concept can not be changed at once. The Song family was very happy, but the whole country was shrouded in the clouds of war, so the atmosphere was somewhat strange, and the Song family did not dare to show too much when they were happy, so as not to be hated. This June is coming, and there will be an exam in July. It is the first test after entering junior high school. Everyone is very nervous. Learn half a year's knowledge, in the end is progress or retreat, how is the foundation now, have you rushed to the front of the competitor in your heart? They are all issues of great concern to everyone. This exam is not as good as the entrance exam. It is not a printed paper, but a copied paper like that in primary school. The exam came as scheduled, and it was finished in another day. The preparation time was very long, but the real war time was very short. Not surprisingly, Song Muwen is still the first, she will now have read the junior high school textbooks, are looking at this era of high school textbooks, she will look at these as soon as possible, the bottom of the heart, although she is unable to participate in the college entrance examination before the cultural catastrophe, but at least there must be a number in her heart, there is no such freedom to read books in the future, and can not be so open and aboveboard. For his sister to read high school textbooks, Song Muwu was surprised at first, then worshipped, then ashamed, and then clenched his teeth and continued to work hard. It was really unfair. Why did he catch up, but feel that the distance between the two people was getting farther and farther? However, Song Muwu and Yu Tiezhu were tied for the second place in the exam, which at least showed that Song Muwu had made progress, but that was not enough. His goal was to sit firmly in the second place under his sister and follow her closely so as not to be left far behind by her sister. Primary school also has to take exams. Song Muxuan and Song Muhui are still the same as before. One is the first and the other is the second. Generally, Song Muhui is the first. The child's brain is smart and silent. When others are in an impetuous mood, he has calmed down to think about problems. This is also one of his advantages. After the exam, the farmers finally breathed a sigh of relief. This double robbery is a tough battle for the farmers to fight in the summer, and the exam is a tough battle for the students to fight. Everyone knows how to win or lose in the end. This exam, there is progress, there is retrogression, the transfer of results is quite large, no way, after all, junior high school is different from primary school, many places are different,Flush valve price, at least the environment is very different, of course, people who do not adapt will retrogress.


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