Luo overbearing and Zhang Ba Nu looked at each other, showing a trace of confusion in their eyes. Especially Luo overbearing, he never thought, Liu just arrived, not even in office, and just had a good talk with himself, how this eight women after the first appearance, how this guy's

Luo overbearing and Zhang Ba Nu looked at each other, showing a trace of confusion in their eyes. Especially Luo overbearing, he never thought, Liu just arrived, not even in office, and just had a good talk with himself, how this eight women after the first appearance, how this guy's face suddenly sank down! It is reasonable to say that the person you introduced to him personally, even if you don't like each other, you have to stand up and shake hands with each other, and now you are looking at Liu, sitting there like an old monk in samadhi, without even looking up at Zhang Ba Nu, while his fat hands are holding chopsticks, and from time to time he puts a bite of food into his mouth, completely ignoring Zhang Ba Nu's style! "For Mao, this is for Mao!" Zhang Ba Nu really wanted to grab Liu's neck and ask Liu Fei at the moment. But at present, Liu Ke is the new director of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission and the director of the Public Security Bureau of Dongning City. He is definitely a real power figure in Dongning City! Had it not been for Luo's overbearing operation in Dongning City for a long time, I'm afraid Liu would have become the third in command of Dongning City at the moment! At this time, Luo saw Zhang Ba Nu's face had shown obvious anger,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but Liu was sitting there, did not mean to talk to Zhang Ba Nu, the atmosphere in the room was a little tense, he smiled and said: "You two, I'll go out to the bathroom first!"! You talk first! With that, he motioned to Zhang Ba Nu with his eyes, which were drifting in the direction of the suitcase. Liu did not speak, Luo overbearing stood up and went out directly. After waiting for Luo to leave,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Zhang Ba Nu suppressed her anger and went to the wall to pick up the box. She walked up to Liu with a faint smile and said, "Liu Ji, I know you just came to Dongning and are not familiar with the place. I specially prepared some local products to explain it." With these words, Zhang Ba Nu put the box on a stool beside Liu, opened the suitcase, and revealed a neat row of 1 million yuan in cash. Luo overbearing actually did not go to the bathroom, he just went out to the smoking room to smoke a cigarette, estimated that Zhang Ba Nu should fix Liu, this just stubbed out the cigarette butt, stepped back. But when he returned to the room, he was dumbfounded to see that the wine table in the room had been overturned and the chairs and stools had fallen to the ground! The food and soup were all spilled on the soft and clean carpet! Several waiters were standing there in a hurry, staring at the messy room. Volume VII Dongning City Chapter 761 Liu Sanxiluo Overbearing Luo overbearing two eyeballs stare, very anxious to those waiters asked: "What is going on?"? Where are the two people in the room? "We don't know what's going on, but when we heard the noise and came in, Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel squatting pan, it was already like this," said a head waiter with a depressed face! Sir, please pay the bill first! We can't explain why so many things have been broken! Luo overbearing helpless, can only follow the waiter to pick up the bill, and then out of the hotel, take out the mobile phone to dial Zhang eight female phone, "myna, where are you?"? What happened after I left? Zhang Ba Nu's voice came out slowly from the mobile phone, but Luo Ba Nu could hear it. Zhang Ba Nu seemed to be forcibly suppressing her anger and said, "I'm in the car, and you're talking when you come back." Luo overbearing walked out of the hotel door to the parking lot, only to see Zhang eight female Lincoln car lights flashing, and Zhang eight female sitting in the back seat of the extended Lincoln car, Luo overbearing went to open the door and sat in. Zhang Ba-nu said to the driver, "Xiao Wang, you go out for a while. I have something to say to Luo Ji.". ” After waiting for the driver Xiao Wang to leave, Zhang Ba Nu was so angry that she smashed the car seat and said angrily, "This Liu is really too arrogant. He has gone too far. He doesn't even give me any face. I *** his grandmother!" "What happened after I left, Myna?" Asked Luo, somewhat puzzled. "Just after you left on the pretext of going to the bathroom, I closed the door, took the money and put it beside Liu, telling him that it was a little gift for him," Zhang said with some painful memories on her face! But it never occurred to me that after Liu waited for me to finish, he stood up all of a sudden, and then his face sank like the bottom of a black pot. First, he kicked over the table, and then pointed at my nose and scolded me: 'Zhang Ba Nu, you are too old to be young. How can you have no quality at all! Do you think I am a corrupt official? Do you think Lao Tzu is the master of money? Damn it, he wants to send me away with 1 million yuan. Do you think I am a beggar! Lao Tzu, even if I am poor, I have seen 1 million! Grass, the underworld boss in Dongning City has this kind of quality. It's really a ***ing disappointment! ' When Liu finished, he passed in front of me and walked away without looking back. Luo Ji, what do you mean by that fat man? Do you think I gave you less money? Luo overbearing immediately also blindfolded, he nodded with a wry smile and said: "I think it is very likely to mean this!"! Just this Liu is too tasteless, people send you to the door, even if you are not satisfied with the amount of implicit ah, did not expect to openly ask for bribes, I think this kind of person is actually the best to deal with! Isn't 1 million too little for him? All right, let's give him 5 million! Just take care of him. In the future, we will earn tens of times more money. I heard that the rhenium resources in the following counties have been discovered. Many people are investing in mining in the counties in large quantities. A meal of ore is worth ten or twenty million yuan! That is definitely a super profiteering industry! As long as we get Liu, when the time comes to participate in the rhenium mining industry, with our influence, it should not be a problem to get tens of billions a year! When Zhang Ba-nu heard what Luo said,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, she immediately showed a greedy look in her eyes and said, "Luo Ji, why is the rhenium mine so valuable?" 。


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