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However, it does not mean that there is no way to enter the source of the three veins. In fact, there is still a way to enter the source of the three veins.

However, it does not mean that there is no way to enter the source of the three veins. In fact, there is still a way to enter the source of the three veins. If you want to enter the source of the three great veins, you must first jump out of the realm of stone medicine, and then in the realm of stone medicine, then find the location that can connect to the source of the three veins, and finally, you must have the original power or life that can lead to the origin of the three veins! Therefore, this involves a huge and profound calculation, millions of years, there have been many immortal emperors to calculate the evolution of the secret, we all want to know the location of the source of the three ancestral veins! It is precisely because of all these difficulties that for millions of years, basically no one has entered the source of the three veins. However, there are legends in the world that someone has entered the source of the three veins, and it is not known who it is. At this time, the place where Li Qiye stood was the direction leading to the source of the three veins. There are several such positions in the world of stone medicine, but this position in front of us is the position that Li Qiye has succeeded in! "It's time to start." Standing on this position, Li Qiye murmured. At this time, Li Qiye took out two things and stood on the decayed wooden bridge. Li Qiye took out two things, one of which was the bottle of green water that he had got in the duck shop not long ago. The other thing is the seed-like thing taken out of the medicine chicken. Many people are afraid that they can't see through the mystery of such a seed-like thing. At this time, Li Qiye carefully dropped a drop of water on the seed-like thing. Slowly, the water was immersed in the seed body. Hearing the sound of "peeling", the shell of the seed fell off,stackable plastic pallets, revealing its true body. At this time, a golden bean appeared on Li Qiye's palm, such a golden bean, does not look like the legendary fairy bean, even people who do not know the goods also know that this thing is great. The seed of Shiyuan Rattan! Looking at Li Qiye's golden bean, he showed a faint smile and murmured, "It's really the seed of Shiyuan Rattan. I've never guessed wrong." I'm afraid many people haven't heard of this thing, but it's priceless. When the seeds of the source rattan are ripe,plastic wheelie bins, it often disguises itself with its shell. It's the end of the month. Please vote for Xiao Sheng. Thank you. (To be continued..) Chapter 918 the end of the legend. ? The seeds of Shiyuan rattan are only soaked in green water. Only then will it take off its camouflage shell and reveal its true body. No matter who wants to enter the source of the three major veins, there is no lack of such things as Shiyuan Rattan and Bishui Water, only such things can bring you into the source of the three major veins. Want to enter the source of the three veins, these two things are indispensable, and these two things are extremely rare through the ages, want to get them, more difficult than the sky. Take the seeds of the time source rattan for example, once the time source rattan is mature, the seeds will fly away immediately and fall into the world, and this process can not be reversed, even if you are an immortal emperor, you can not intercept the flying seeds. Moreover, Shiyuan rattan bears very few seeds each time, only three or five seeds each time. Just imagine, once such three or five seeds fly into the vast world, it is more difficult to get one of them than to find a needle in a haystack. It is precisely because of this, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet manufacturer, in order to get a seed of Shiyuan Rattan, Li Qiye, who used to be a crow, once hunted for five times. Finally, his efforts paid off. Finally, he succeeded and got a seed of Shiyuan Rattan. Li Qiye put the seeds on the rotten bridge hanging on the cliff, and then sprinkled the water on the seeds. In a short period of time, a miracle happened, only to see the seeds germinate, take root in the soil in the blink of an eye, in this "⑧ long" ⑧ wind "⑧ article" ⑧ learning, ※ X. In an instant I heard the sound of "clatter, clatter". A giant vine grew out of the ground, and in the blink of an eye, the giant vine grew branches one by one. The vine branches are intertwined. Swim like a snake. Something incredible has happened. A wooden bridge woven by the time source rattan began to go to the vast void, such a bridge as if it could lead to the other side of the time. Li Qiye did not dare to neglect, immediately set foot on the rattan bridge, along the rattan bridge forward. Rattan bridge is very long, when leading to the other shore, there is nothing around, there is endless void everywhere, walking on such a rattan bridge. It seems to lead to eternity. Here, time has come to a standstill and space has disappeared. Walking on this, people have an illusion, as if they were walking at the beginning of the world, as if, here is just the beginning of heaven and earth, here, there is no life, even time has not been born. Along the rattan bridge. Li Qiye did not know how long he had gone, and finally. He walked to his destination, when he came down from the rattan bridge, when his feet were on the ground. At this time, the original rattan actually began to wither, and the speed of withering is very fast, in a short period of time, the whole rattan bridge withered. At the moment when the vines withered, I suddenly saw three or five seeds of the vines on the bridge, and the seeds emitted golden light. "Crash" a broken sound sounded, in the blink of an eye when the source of rattan withered, the whole long rattan bridge broke, a section of broken rattan bridge fell in the vast void. When the rattan bridge breaks and falls, you can see three or five seeds flying away at an unparalleled speed like wings growing. Between the stone, fire and lightning, these three or five seeds cross time and space and disappear between heaven and earth in an instant. These three or five seeds flew into the world, and no one knew where they would fall. Such a seed, even if someone gets it, does not know its real use. After all, there are very few people in the world who know the seeds of Shiyuan Rattan, not to mention that it is a great opportunity to get the seeds! Watching the seeds of Shiyuan rattan fly away, Li Qiye sighed softly,spill plastic pallet, who knows who will get the seeds in the future, even if they get them, I'm afraid they don't know the treasure. cnplasticpallet.com


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