Save the breast

After Zhou Yunruo's cancer confession, he put his cheek on Zhou Yunruo's face. Both of them had tears. Both of them felt cold first, and then the warm skin under the tears. Bu Zhenqi leaned close to Zhou Yunruo's ear and said, "You are very brave.".

After Zhou Yunruo's cancer confession, he put his cheek on Zhou Yunruo's face. Both of them had tears. Both of them felt cold first, and then the warm skin under the tears. Bu Zhenqi leaned close to Zhou Yunruo's ear and said, "You are very brave.". You are very cute. I want to learn from you? Zhou Yunruo is very excited now, and his mood has changed fundamentally. Zhou Yunruo was very happy that a woman she kept at a respectful distance could evaluate herself in this way. Skin-to-skin, there is no room for lies. You can't lie to a seriously ill person with strong intuition. Zhou Yunruo walked quickly to Lu Lu and said to Lu Lu, "I, Zhou Yunruo, have breast cancer.". Excuse me, what do you think of me after you know the news? Lu Lu said, "Hi!"! How I looked at you before, how I look at you now. Advocating losing weight, you are doing the wrong thing. Hua Lan has never seen this situation, more nervous than Zhou Yunruo. Seeing Zhou Yunruo, he said first, "Don't say that.". It's pretty scary. You're really cute. If I were a man, I would love you. Even if I knew you had breast cancer, I would love you. Zhou Yunruo looked back at Cheng yuanqing, who said, "I still want to say." Zhou Yunruo bowed jokingly to Hua Lan and said, "Miss Zhou Yunruo, a breast cancer patient,empty lotion tubes, reports to you." Hua Lan did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, "Well, well.". It's so scary. As if I were Marx. The penultimate one is Cheng Mumei. It is said that Cheng Mumei is a very depressed person, very little speech, people feel bad close, but Zhou Yunruo still put her in front of Chu Qiang. In any case, after all, or women, Zhou Yunruo approached,pump tube, Cheng Mumei Teng to stand up, the movement is very big, swept up a gust of wind. Zhou Yunruo followed suit, saying, "Zhou Yunruo is a breast cancer patient..." Because it has been said several times, desolation has turned into inertia, and even has some kind of disapproving sense of ridicule. Zhou Yunruo liked the relaxed state of mind of this new student very much. She was a little addicted to saying this. After saying this, she opened her arms like an osprey, prepared to hug, and listened to Cheng Mumei's answer. Cheng Mumei said sincerely: "You are not only lovely in the eyes of women, but also lovely in the eyes of men.". You don't have to be pessimistic. Women are not lovely because of their breasts, but because they are brave! That's a good speech! Zhou Yunruo's eyes were wet again, and she shed tears repeatedly today. This time, if her tears were collected and tested, their composition would be different from the previous ones. This time, empty cosmetic tubes ,eye cream packing tube, it was tears of joy. The final declaration and embrace were left to Chu Qiang. Chu Qiang has been waiting for this opportunity, when this opportunity really comes, Chu Qiang is even more excited than Zhou Yunruo. This is the first time that Chu Qiang has entered the hearts of the breast cancer team members. He is frightened, sad and full of unspeakable curiosity and respect. Zhou Yunruo said generously, "Chu Qiang, you are the only man in our group.". I've always been very wary of men, and today I let you listen to all my secrets. I really want to hear your truth. Don't worry about me. If I told the truth, I couldn't hear it an hour ago. I didn't have the power, but I think I do now. I have been able to face up to my suffering. Now, I officially announce to you that Zhou Yunruo is a breast cancer patient. How do you feel about that? Chu Qiang said, "If I tell the truth, please don't be angry." "I'm not angry," said Zhou Yunruo. Chu Qiang said, "My truth is that I liked you before. After listening to your story and seeing your bravery, I like you even more.". If I didn't have a girlfriend, I would pursue you. mpanel(1); Zhou Yunruo said mischievously: "I know you are joking, I like this joke.". Thank you. After all, you are the first boy to joke with me after knowing the truth about me. Zhou Yunruo finally walked up to Cheng yuanqing and said, "Teacher Cheng, do you still need me to say to you?" Cheng yuanqing said, "I'm sorry, I want to correct you.". It's not whether I need you to say it, but whether you need to say it to me. Zhou Yunruo was somewhat puzzled and asked, "What's the difference?" Cheng yuanqing said, "Do you think it's different?"? One is that I want you to say, and the other is that you want to say. After all, no one in this world can ask you to make your illness public. From your point of view, which situation is better, the choice is entirely up to you. Zhou Yunruo thought for a moment and walked up to Cheng yuanqing and said, "I want to tell you that I, Zhou Yunruo, am a breast cancer patient.". But it doesn't change much. I'm still me. I will not be defeated by a small tumor, although it may kill me, but it still does not change my attitude of contempt for it. After saying that, she and Cheng yuanqing hugged for a long time. Everyone came up and hugged each other. Parts of their lives blend together, supporting and complementing each other. People can not refuse the infiltration of one life to another, when this infiltration is soft and silent for a long time, miracles will gradually appear. Twenty-four Through several activities, especially the trip to the cemetery, facing up to and discussing death, and going deep into each other's hearts, Bu Zhenqi, who is not popular in the water, feels that there is some danger approaching. She was a little angry, but she couldn't tell who she was angry with. Are you angry with yourself? No one forced her to join a breast cancer group. Bu Zhenqi's heart is very lonely. Unlike most people who escape loneliness, she loves loneliness and intentionally creates loneliness. Since kindergarten, Bu Zhenqi has separated herself from others. She was not the first to make such a distinction, but the kindergarten? Aunt. She was born in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River. Father is one of the chief officers of the town. The place is too small, in the limited scope, the father is already a high-ranking official,tube lip gloss, Bu Zhenqi also has the laudatory name of "princess". There is a kind of baby-faced girl who is very beautiful when she is young, but when she grows up, she is plain. Bu Zhenqi belongs to this category.


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