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You idiot, do you really think there is a key to the door of heaven, do you really think I have a treasure collection? Incurable stupidity, hahaha, hahaha!

You idiot, do you really think there is a key to the door of heaven, do you really think I have a treasure collection? Incurable stupidity, hahaha, hahaha! Sea Emperor Guanlan burst out laughing, and Taihu knocked him down with the staff of Thor. He was still laughing. Finally, the sea emperor struggled to stand up, facing the direction of Yueyang's hidden figure, slowly opened his mouth: "Let you see a joke, no way, this is retribution.". Let's make a deal. As long as you save my son, I will give you the spirit of Mother Earth for ten thousand years. As soon as he said it, everyone was surprised. No one knows the existence of Yueyang. When Yueyang appeared behind the dark clouds and flashed in front of the sea emperor, all the people around him were shocked. Only the Golden Crown Empress Duoduo, Bloody Queen Red, Grey Wolf and other war beasts knew that Yueyang had come back long ago. At this time, the octopus man boss, whale Zhang, swordfish man gale, Cancer man and mudskipper man, who had been stopping fighting and facing each other in the distance, saw Yueyang appear and immediately came to the spirit. They rushed to this side quickly. Faster than them are the petrified Medusa, the Storm Mermaid, the Thunder Naga, and the Frost Serpent. They formed another encirclement in the periphery and surrounded the rebels such as Prince Hailong. As soon as Yueyang appeared,eye cream packaging tube, Prince Hailong was scared to wet his pants. Run away and return to the pack. The Emperor of the Sea conjured up a white jade vase shining with colorful brilliance and handed it to Yueyang: "My life, as well as the spirit liquid of Mother Earth for ten thousand years, can be given to you. You can take the shark away!" "No, Father." King Shark was dying and too weak to speak, but there were tears running down his face. I said, as long as I can get your life back, I will do anything. I've lost everything, only one son left. Fortunately, I have a son in Guanlan! Ha ha,plastic cosmetic tubes, this is not bad, God finally let me go! The sea emperor burst out laughing and coughed up blood, but he laughed happily, as if he had got the best thing in the world. You know what I'm trying to say? This ten thousand years mother spirit liquid is false, only a hundred years crystal spirit liquid, is not valuable at all! But forget it, if I just start cleaning up some garbage, I will occasionally do a good deed for free, just as doing good deeds. Yueyang snatched the white jade bottle from the sea emperor's hand and put it away without looking at it at all. The sea emperor was stunned and dumbfounded. He never thought that the spirit liquid he got was fake. Yueyang did not explain and kicked the Shark King into the air. Grey Wolf cooperated tacitly and opened his mouth to catch it. A few people who were ready to move, looking at the golden dragon dagger in the hands of the bloody queen red, and then looking at the golden arrow in the hands of the petrified Medusa, all shrank back, and no one dared to make the first bird. Taihu's face now is even uglier than death. The sea emperor, who suffered heavy losses, took the dragon plague, surrounded and killed for three hours, and finally reached the limit. Now, plastic packing tube ,plastic laminated tube, there is a Yue-jia San Shao. This Yue Jia San Shao is a super pervert who gives people a headache. Taihu would rather kill the sea emperor once than fight with him. At the thought of the other side's wheel of extinction and the fire of Nirvana, Taihu wanted to hit his head against the wall. Ahem, it has nothing to do with you. The Sea Emperor is also your enemy. Taihu said that if Yueyang was willing not to ask about it, then he could reward the two sacred treasures of the sea emperor's halberd and the sea emperor's armor. A change, as long as Yueyang is willing to stop, then the sea people can even give more, whether it is beauty, or gems, or anything Yueyang needs, as long as the mouth on the line! "The Sea Emperor is indeed my enemy, and I must kill him." As soon as Yueyang said this, Prince Hailong's face suddenly improved. That is, we have the same purpose, we can say that we are in the same camp. You can ask, and if you don't, we can give you anything! Prince Hailong pretended to be very respectful. In his view, the two holy vessels have touched each other's heart, although this is a bit painful, but can let this Yue Jia San Shao stop, can only reluctantly give up what he loves. He swore in secret. As long as we find the right opportunity in the future, we will use all the elites of the sea clan to join hands with the Black Prison Legion to destroy the Dragon Rising Continent, and then use all means to torture this Yuejia Sanshao. What do you want? I want to kill you! Yueyang held out the dagger to kill the God, and as soon as the long sword gas broke through the air. Prince Hailong, tens of meters away, felt a slight chill in his neck. My head fell off and my neck was bleeding! Chapter 477: The Emperor of the Sea. Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 477: The Emperor of the Sea. When the power of Yueyang broke out to the congenital level 5, the whole sea was churning. The waves are a thousand feet high. All the enemies, including Taihu, looked dead when they saw this scene. Even Haihuang Guanlan sighed for it, originally he worked hard to keep the secret of the Crystal Canyon for hundreds of years, and finally made a wedding dress for the young man, ten thousand years of Mother Earth Spirit Liquid, and finally let the young man get it. There is a time in life when you must have it, but there is no time in life when you can't force it! The sea emperor is now finally open, the original does not belong to their own, after all, is an illusion. Not to mention the spirit of Mother Earth for ten thousand years, even the hegemony of the Babel Tower Ocean is the same. In the end, it was just a deception. I have paid everything for thousands of years, in exchange for a betrayal! Even if it did not happen that the sea emperor was betrayed by his children, Yueyang was not prepared to let the people who knew the inside story leave alive, unless it was the people who could be controlled in their own hands, otherwise, all of them would be buried in this undersea funeral ground. Yueyang no longer hides its strength. He constantly unseals the power of the innate level, from the innate level one to the innate level five. With the strength that is now equivalent to the congenital level 10, Yueyang can also fight even if the sea emperor is not injured. So, the whole audience, including the cunning old guy of Taihu, will be the enemy of Yueyang. The massacre is about to begin, Yueyang no longer stay, decided to make a quick decision, all the rebels, princes and princesses,cosmetic tube, as well as Yueyang did not know those congenital, and even a few greedy mutant fish people, all can end this naval journey. The undersea funerary will be their final destination. 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