New Three Kingdoms Policy

I looked coldly at the enemy soldiers gathered around me and said with a smile

I looked coldly at the enemy soldiers gathered around me and said with a smile, "Wei, I'm asking you the same question. It's just that today is not yesterday. If you have the guts, don't take the soldiers' lives on your back. You and I will fight one by one!" "My army is pressing the border, and the city of Changsha is only destroyed in a moment. You are always brave. What is there to show off? Who is I, Wei Wenchang? How can I be confused by your inferior provocation?" Wei Yan's words with full confidence, then a wink, that is, more than a dozen enemy soldiers slowly close to me. I contemptuously pulled the corners of my mouth to show a smile, and repeated the old trick! Wei Yan wanted to rely on the advantage of the number of people to consume my physical strength, this time I will not let him succeed. Quickly picked up the short halberd, I took a deep breath and relaxed the ape arm. The halberd body was like an arrow from the bowstring. It went straight to Wei Yan, who was leaning against the wall. The sharp tip of the halberd drew a perfect arc in the air and broke through the air with my figure. Watch out! General Standing beside Wei Yan, an enemy pawn covered with blood shouted and dodged in front of Wei Yan. Poof! The tip of the halberd effortlessly penetrated the scales and armor of the enemy pawn, and came out through the chest. The enemy pawn who had just attempted to besiege me did not expect that I would strike first, and rushed over with a sharp weapon. This gang of soldiers can be so regardless of life and death to maintain in him, Wei Yantong army is very talented, if again so entangled, the enemy soldiers at the gate will seize the opportunity to swarm up, when everything is too late! It's a pity that I don't have a strong force like the QinWei led by Zhou Yan before, otherwise this group of enemy pawn I can hand in QinWei, oneself can take Wei Yan. Think carefully, on the battlefield, either you die or I die. Meet the halberd kill poke, an enemy soldier hiding behind the shield was shot by me after the sky spirit cover to fly out, did not wait for him to fall, I turned around and his right companion's left shoulder together with the shield to pick up,outdoor palm trees, the rest of the enemy soldiers howl in unison with a knife slash, now I halberd not pulled out, it is a good time to attack! Halberd potential such as electricity, from thorn peach into sweeping again, hanging strong wind like flint across the waist of the enemy soldiers gathered around, blood spattered from their cracked armor, four enemy soldiers in my full strength of a sweep, waist broken, wailing fell to the ground, the encirclement was broken! The two armies at war so far,fake blossom tree, both sides have been exhausted, in addition to me and Wei in this dogfight, Cao Cao also led the soldiers on the other side and Han Hao, to the flank of Lang Ji. Is at this point, outside the command of the KuaiYue see have bamboo card shelter, throwing stones with a stone thrower to kill our army effect is not big, then change the strategy, the operator will hit the boulder directly to the wall, under the strong momentum of the boulder, this already loose wall was smashed out of a collapse gap everywhere, a large number of enemy soldiers to see the city is about to break, then swarmed along the gap. If there are no reinforcements, the destruction of the city will be inevitable. I toward the tower to guard the flag officer made a gesture, according to the prior agreement, after the flag officer waved the flag, a good soldier of two hundred people will come to reinforce, this is my ambush in advance ready to reinforce the team, originally wanted to wait until the enemy soldiers began to retreat when the pursuit, now the military situation is urgent, decorative palm trees ,faux grass wall, guarding the city is important I can only use this last mobile force. Flag guard officer according to my meaning, in the tower high even waving semaphore, led the good soldier is veteran Huang Zhong, he will soon come to reinforce, I am convinced. Time in the past bit by bit, ChengTou battle is still going on, from time to time the enemy soldiers fell screaming, but even with three for one casualties, I can't afford. More and more unfavorable war situation, Huang Zhong is still missing, on the contrary is the Satrap mansion in the city there are bursts of shout ShaSheng came --. Difficult is not a change in the city, I am more and more urgent, Wei Yan shaking figure, in front of me kept wandering, once I was forced to death by the sacrifice of the golden cicada shell, command the soldiers to come forward as cannon fodder, I was Wei Yan dragged here for a while also helpless. Brothers, how can there be a home when the city is broken? Go to the city to kill the enemy! When I was anxious, I heard a young and powerful voice shouting. Thousands of soldiers dressed in variegated clothes along the steps on ChengTou, quickly picked up fell on the ground weapons and enemy soldiers to kill, is Zhao tired led thousands of Changsha soldiers to reinforcements, after taking Changsha city, the placement of Zhang Yjun twenty thousand died became a big problem, once the improper disposal, is likely to provoke mutiny, in this short period of a month, I adopt Cao Cao's advice to divide and govern, On the one hand, he sent back the old and weak soldiers in the army, and on the other hand, he selected some strong men to serve as a reserve force to transport grain and repair the city, under the command of Huan Jie, and Zhao Lei's soldiers were part of the latter. Relying on the solid protection of Chengtou crenels, coupled with the swift assault, the enemy soldiers who had previously scrambled to climb up the gap fell into the city one after another. Ah An enemy soldier was shot through the thigh by Zhao Lei's arrow, screaming in pain, throwing away the weapon and turning down Chengtou, "Hey!"! Another one-! Zhao Lei, who was preparing to release the arrow again, shouted excitedly, but did not notice that an enemy soldier was approaching quietly behind him. Careful With a loud shout, I used the halberd as an arrow and shot straight into the past like a meteor. Under my full throw, the halberd was amazing, and the enemy soldier who attacked was penetrated by the tip of the halberd, and walked straight forward five or six steps along the inertia before he crashed to the ground. The dozen or so enemy soldiers who surrounded me turned pale when they saw how brave I was. Although I lost my weapon, they retreated again and again under my aggressive eyes, and they had completely lost the courage to fight. Zhao tired this new force to join, greatly alleviated the shortage of our troops guarding the city, but also greatly inspired the morale of the men, encouraged by this, have rushed to the enemy of the city, the situation on the battlefield was reversed. Clanging! A rapid sound of the golden Gong resounded through the sky, seeing the fruitless attack again, Kuai Yue finally issued the order to retreat. Withdraw! Wei unwilling low snorted, and then jumped down ChengTou, to escape outside the city. When the enemy soldiers who attacked the city saw that Wei Yan's troops, who were the main force of the assault, had retreated, they jumped down from Chengtou and were routed outside the city. Zhao Lei led his troops to catch up with them. I was afraid that Kuai Yue would have an ambush,faux ficus tree, so I stopped Zhao Lei and said, "General Zhao, aren't you in charge of grain in the west of the city? How did you get the north city?" 。


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