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Ling Feng has no time to haggle with them, closely watching the surrounding situation,

Ling Feng has no time to haggle with them, closely watching the surrounding situation, he has achieved the purpose of doing so, he showed his attitude, if someone really wants to make trouble with himself, then the person hiding in the dark will certainly show up, even if not, there will be further action. In a luxuriously and elegantly decorated room, a pair of beautiful girls were watching what was happening through the monitor screen. These two young girls' eyebrows are like distant mountains, their eyes are like stars, beautiful and charming, graceful and charming, like a pair of lotus flowers in full bloom. One of them was dressed in white like snow, with a slightly childish face and lively eyes, like a spirit who did not want to stop for a moment. The other, dressed in a light blue dress, looked dignified and elegant, and sat there quietly with her hands, but she looked much more mature than the girl in white. The girl in white smiled coquettishly and said, "Sister is really a good trick.". If you drink, you will certainly make a fool of yourself. If you choose to make trouble without drinking, you will also make a fool of yourself. Xia Qingge's flawless reputation will be tarnished! The girl in light blue said with a half-smile,Calacatta Nano Glass, "Xia Qingge never came to Yangcheng before, but now we are here. As landlords, how can we not treat them well?"? But who is the man beside her? Why is there no record of him on the file? The girl in white smiled disdainfully and said, "It must be an insignificant person!"! Even the intelligence officers chose to ignore him. "Not necessarily," said the girl in pale blue. "Xia Qingge is a famous stone girl in the circle. She's never heard of having an affair with a man. Now she's in a bar alone with a man, and it's a sensitive period before she got engaged to Li Qingfeng.". I'm afraid this man is not so simple! Ruoxue, immediately let the intelligence department collect this man's information at all costs! …… At this time, a short fat man squeezed in, checked the waiter who fainted on the ground,Carrara Marble Slab, found nothing serious, and said to Ling Fengdao: "I am the manager here, my surname is Mo!"! Excuse me, sir, why did you beat our service staff for no reason? "He said there was something wrong with the wine he sold them!" In the crowd, I don't know who said that. It was probably because he felt Ling Feng was vexatious and indignant that he said so. Something wrong with the wine? Impossible! Sir, you're insulting the reputation of our bar in the twenty years it's been open! The manager, surnamed Mo, was so excited that he went straight to the table, took the two glasses of wine and drank them down. Then he took the empty glasses and said to the crowd, "Did you see that?"? There's nothing wrong with this wine! Everyone is a regular customer here. Our bar has been in business for 20 years. Have you ever sold fake liquor? As soon as he said this, the crowd of onlookers immediately began to condemn Ling Feng on one side, and even set off a wave of voices, and even some people began to pour the dirty water of Xia Qingge. Onlookers who don't know the truth are the most pathetic and hateful. Sadly, because they don't know anything, Pietra Gray Marble ,Agate Slabs For Sale, they are the easiest to be used. It is hateful because they act as jackals to the tiger without knowing it, and even think that justice is in the hands of their own people! "I just said there was something wrong with the two glasses of wine," said Ling Feng. "I didn't say you were selling fake wine." The manager, surnamed Mo, exclaimed, "Sir, I have proved to you that there is nothing wrong with those two glasses of wine!"! You're being rude! You must be responsible for what happened today and compensate us for all the losses! Xia Qingge also hesitated, originally she was still very firm on the side of Ling Feng, but now the manager drank two glasses of wine, but nothing happened, is Ling Feng really vexatious? Just want to speak, but listen to Ling Feng said: "If the wine is really no problem, then why are you in a hurry to drink all the two glasses of wine?"? Why not leave a cup as evidence? Wouldn't that be more proof of your innocence? Ling Feng said so, Xia Qingge also realized this problem, indeed, if you want to prove that there is no problem with the wine, there is no need to drink two glasses of wine, now the wine is gone, the evidence is gone, nothing can be said clearly. Not only did she realize it, but also some of the onlookers realized it and began to whisper. Ling Feng glanced at him, "you do this, the only purpose is to destroy the evidence!"! But I'm not going to embarrass you. You're just like the waiter. You're at the behest. Who's the mastermind? Let him out! If you have anything to say, say it face to face! There's no need to hide in the dark and do such little tricks. The manager surnamed Mo broke out in a cold sweat. Ling Feng's aggressive momentum made him feel oppressed, but he was still stubborn. "Sir, I don't understand what you're talking about, but I've already called the police. Right or wrong, everything will wait until the police come. You have to pay for what you did today!" "My patience is limited, and you are challenging my patience by doing so!" Ling Feng said coldly, "However, although you are a dog, if the dog is beaten, will the master come out?" Said, only to hear a "bang", the manager's face will appear a blood-red handprint! 204 Chapter 203 Lin sisters. Ling Feng's slap came so suddenly that the manager surnamed Mo was beaten, and when he reacted, he could only feel a burning pain on his face. Even if an ordinary person is suddenly slapped, he will be a little angry, let alone a manager? So Manager Mo was very angry, but even if he was angry, he did not forget what he should do. He paid attention to the people who were taking pictures, then covered his face and shouted, "Everyone saw that this man started it!"! Come here! Security, take him down and give him to the police! As soon as the voice fell, several big men in security uniforms rushed up. Sister, look, there's a fight going on! In the monitoring room, the girl in white jumped for joy and said, "Xia Qingge's secret lover beat up the bartender!"! If such news is released, what impact will it have on Xia Qingge? The girl in light blue clothes showed an inscrutable smile on her face. "Good,Granite Slab Supplier, let them take as many pictures as possible, the clearer the better!" With the strength of Ling Feng, how can a few thugs be taken seriously.


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