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The news spread like wildfire from the prefectural Party committee and administrative

The news spread like wildfire from the prefectural Party committee and administrative office to various counties and cities, and the shock wave quickly spread around. How did this happen? Surprised, Wei Yikang raised his head from the pile of documents on his desk and asked his director of the county Party committee, "I don't think Lu Weimin is such a hasty person."? Overseas Chinese town is what background, he is very clear, such a big gold owner, how can they not catch? "Not very clear, but there are two points that are really accurate. First, OCT is not very satisfied with this inspection. Someone heard a senior executive of OCT say that he was very dissatisfied with this trip, saying that the boss was a little angry and had little interest in talking about business."; Secondly, OCT did not formally negotiate with Futou, which was quite different from the last two rounds of formal talks between OCT and Futou. It only made a relatively superficial contact, or even no formal negotiations at all, and OCT left. The director of the county party committee office with an excited face could not say how happy he was. Wei Yikang naturally knew what the director of the county party committee office was excited about. If Futou won the project of OCT,inflatable bounce house with slide, then with the strength of OCT, it was nothing to throw in tens of millions of yuan. So this year, Futou plus the investment of Hongji Group project group in the early stage, then it is very likely to overwhelm Gu Qing. It has taken the lead in attracting investment, and if there is no Overseas Chinese Town project, then Gu Qing is very likely to win. Their own director's information is quite accurate,inflatable amusement park, can be the director of the county Party committee office, even this information channel is not, it is a bit incompetent, and the other party's information and their own information is consistent. It seems that this time Lu Weimin is afraid that it is rare to explain to the Prefectural Party Committee. This boy has been in the limelight for several years, and today he is finally going to suffer a little bit. Wei Yikang looked casual in his tone. "The last time about Hongji, this boy was very unhappy with some leaders in the region. This time, he was close to report to the Prefectural Party Committee and Administrative Office. If it weren't for the great influence of OCT, he would not want to make more trouble in the region, so he put up with it. If the cooked duck really flew, Then Lu Weimin is a little hard to say. "That's not what?"? Such a big project, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable floating water park, Fu Tou seems to be indifferent, I heard that they even banquets are quite simple, do not show attention, what will people think? How to attract investment like this? It's all right now. If things go wrong, what should we do in the future? The director shook his head. This Lu Weimin was a little spoiled and arrogant. He felt that he had no disadvantage. In fact, he did whatever he wanted by relying on the human resources left to him by Xia Lixing, the former secretary of the Prefectural Party Committee, and the support given to him by An Dejian, the former organization minister of the Prefectural Party Committee. Now both of them are gone, and they don't know how to restrain themselves. It's only a matter of time before they suffer losses and setbacks. Wei Yikang's view of Lu Weimin is not so simple. Although there is not much contact with Lu Weimin, Lu Weimin's ability to attract investment and engage in economic work is indeed quite strong, which Wei Yikang spent a little time pondering when he was mayor of Fengzhou, such as the establishment of medicine and machinery manufacturing and processing industry in Shuangfeng County as a key pillar industry in the county. At that time, no one believed that Shuangfeng could achieve anything, but two years later, Shuangfeng had become the county with the largest total output value of pharmaceutical industry in the whole region and even in Changdong and Changnan. Machinery manufacturing and processing industries were developing vigorously, even surpassing Fengzhou City in the whole region. Lu Weimin's foresight and planning ability were unsurpassed. But Lu Weimin's talent has been proved repeatedly, but as such a young secretary of the county party committee, his talent and ability are easily questioned by the outside world. These people will push Lu Weimin's success to the human resources left by Xia Lixing and to the support of An Dejian, who spares no effort to support him. So now both of them are no longer there. Lu Weimin is vulnerable to criticism from the outside world, especially when he is frustrated in his work. It is true that Lu Weimin still lacks some experience in this area. Although it is not necessary to hide our capacities and bide our time, it is essential to cooperate in some aspects. The Prefectural Party Committee and Administrative Office attach so much importance to it, but you in Futou County seem to be aloof and arrogant. Once something goes wrong, the board will naturally hit you on the head. Wei Yikang did not have too much interest in schadenfreude. The development momentum of Guqing should be irresistible. Especially after negotiating with the west of Zhejiang Province to get through to the east of Kecheng, the Coca Highway is under intensive planning. This road will completely make up for the short board of Guqing's traffic location in the whole region, so that Guqing's geographical advantages are suddenly highlighted. Next, he has the confidence to make Guqing's economy go up to a higher level. Maybe it's time to see Guqing in the past two years when he saw Shuangfeng. Are you really gone? Chen Pengju also some dare not believe, almost stand up, "also did not say hello to the prefectural Party committee and administrative office here?"? How is that possible? "I did go. I asked Secretary General Lin and Secretary General Pan. I did not contact the Prefectural Party Committee and Administrative Office, so I went directly. The most important thing is that the Overseas Chinese Town delegation did not have any substantive formal negotiations and dialogues with Futou. I heard that only one or two people had contacts with Lu Weimin and Song Dacheng. It seems that the time is not long." It should not be very pleasant to talk. Gao Chu's face is very calm, with a smile on his lips, but his heart is extremely happy, which is better than drinking frozen mung bean soup in the dog days. The last time the Overseas Chinese Town talked with the county government of Futou County twice,Inflatable outdoor park, right? Chen Pengju murmured that the feeling in his heart was somewhat complicated. "How could this happen? What is Lu Weimin doing?"? Why not keep them? Even if we can't talk about it, we should know what aspects they are not satisfied with, so that we can improve them in the future. 。


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