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The boy is stupefied, did not expect his wonderful speech will be interrupted by Su Xiaoman,

The boy is stupefied, did not expect his wonderful speech will be interrupted by Su Xiaoman, can only answer: "Yes!"! Yes! To put it simply, after experiencing some things, Nan Gongzi's voice became particularly pleasant to listen to, strong and soft, soft and hidden steel, such as resentment and admiration, such as weeping and complaining, around the beam for three days, lingering sound curled up, endless as strands.. Even Nan Quanyu couldn't help it at the moment, but he was praising himself and didn't have the nerve to interrupt. He turned his eyes, but fortunately there was Su Xiaoman. Why does this man talk so much nonsense? Get to the point! Su Xiaoman lived up to expectations and couldn't help reminding him again. When the boy saw that Su Xiaoman had greatly shortened his appearance time, he felt a little uncomfortable and even wanted to leave. Helplessly, forced by power, he could only lower his high head. "The point is that Nan Gongzi not only has a very good voice, but also can transmit sound in a hundred steps." Hundred paces to transmit sound! At this moment, not only Su Xiaoman, but all the people in the house who had never heard of this "rumor" looked straight at Nan Quanyu. He coughed lightly,large artificial blossom trees, obviously not liking the feeling of being visited. Just as he was trying to break the deadlock, he opened his mouth and repeated the speech that he had said a hundred times, only to be robbed by Su Xiaoman. Can you take me through those things? Volume III: Jianghu 67, Dressage (I) Updated: September 8, 2008 19:03:34 Words in this Chapter: 2658 As soon as Su Xiaoman's voice fell, the room quieted down and the scene became somewhat awkward. For Nan Quanyu, those experiences are not what he wants to experience. Besides, the past is not very good for him. As far as General Manager Bai and other servants in the house were concerned,artificial banyan trees, they could not understand how their smart and capable master could recognize such a sister who spoke without thinking. If they could, they would like to pretend that they did not know her now. For Su Xiaoman herself, now she seems to feel a little subtle change in the atmosphere in the room, especially after feeling the slightly disgusted eyes of the servants, her heart beat a retreat, but she is now hanging in midair, no way to heaven, no way to the ground, that she has put there, can not let her lift a rock only to drop it on her own feet! After sorting out her own position, Su Xiaoman decided to go on to stare at Nan Quanyu with her firm, shining, eyes that could not be refused. When Nan Quanyu saw her behaving like this, she was stunned at first, artificial plant wall panels ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and then she burst out laughing. "I just heard that a very special sister suddenly appeared in Tianze before I came to have a look. Now when I see her, it's really a worthwhile trip for me!" Then his laughter became clearer. Su Xiaoman obviously did not expect this person to come to visit himself, raised his eyebrows and looked at Nanquanyu from head to foot, and then from foot to head again-otherwise how unfair, for people to see, but also can not collect money! It's okay if you don't look at it, but you'll be happy when you see Su Xiaoman. She secretly took out the viewability of the two people in her heart and made a comparison. As a result, she was very surprised to find that she had made a lot of money. This Nanquanyu was much more interesting than her! Speaking of Nan Quanyu, we have to mention his handsome face, which keeps pace with the beautiful timbre. Su Xiaoman did not pay attention to his appearance, absolutely not because his appearance is not enough to attract people's attention, but because Nan Quanyu's appearance is too special-mistaken for a thief. And his voice was so.. A move to "steal the show" has fascinated people's hearts, and there is no time to notice the face! Now a careful look, Nan Quanyu's face is really worthy of the name of "brother" with Huang Tianze. It is said that "birds of a feather flock together". If this brother is not good, that's all. If this brother is good-looking, he can't do it himself, that's a crime. Besides, in front of this Nanquanyu, handsome is handsome, but this handsome is also born with three points of women's Qingrou, but it does not give people the illusion of sissy, the most strange thing is that between his eyebrows and Huang Tianze is somewhat similar in spirit. Could it be that if two people stay together for a long time, even their appearance will become similar?! "What do you mean by'special '?" Since Huang Tianze used the word "special" on Huang Chengan, Su Xiaoman has put the word within the scope of "absolutely not good words". If you're using it on yourself at the moment, you have to be vigilant. This This special one is. Nan Quanyu seemed to have been tested. After thinking about it for a while, he squinted and said with a smile, "It's just that people like it very much." Tell me, she not only has a good-looking mouth and a nice voice, but also her words are like honey. People have praised themselves, and she is very magnanimous not to struggle with this meaningful word. What do you mean you're not creative? As soon as Su Xiaoman said this, he immediately pulled everyone's heart back to Nan Quanyu's original words that were suspected of slandering their master. Nan Quanyu seemed to have completely ignored the questioning eyes of the crowd, and his eyes jumped over the crowd and went straight to the questioner, Su Xiaoman. I mean, the idea of selling the chicken is good, but it just lacks a little bit of business skill, and if you put some thought into it, it's a good business opportunity. Hearing what he said, Su Xiaoman suddenly became energetic and his eyes shone brightly. Tell me how to spend your mind. Su Xiaoman is not greedy for money, think how kind, how simple, how refined, how no concept of money she was at the beginning! Every time she went down the mountain with her brothers, whenever she met the problem of money, she could pat her chest and say, "Money is not a problem." That's not true. There is a row of big boys in the back. How strong the backing is! She really had no money, and it was not her business to stay and work as a handyman. The days of the stars holding the moon were so corrupt that she fell down as soon as she went down the mountain,silk ficus tree, but she still fell on the silver she didn't care about most! So she decided to change her mind and recognize the charm of silver from now on. Meeting Su Xiaoman's eager eyes, Nan Quanyu raised the corners of his mouth to draw an elegant arc, and did not deliberately keep him in suspense. "We will hold a meeting called'dressage '." 。 hacartificialtree.com


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