Peerless Tangmen

It was as if a thunderstorm had burst out in his palm, and in the screams,

It was as if a thunderstorm had burst out in his palm, and in the screams, Geely's tongue was already filled with golden light. Beibei's left hand pulled hard, and Geely's body staggered forward uncontrollably, his eyes full of shock. The blue-gray scales on his body were also covered with a fine layer of golden lightning. Beibei's foot force, a dodge in front of him, two palms spread out, three palms in succession, split on his shoulder and chest respectively. Geely seemed to have been silly, his tongue was still straight, but his whole body trembled like chaff. When Beibei's fourth palm hit his chest, his whole body was covered with golden lightning as thick as his arm, and all the scales on his body were completely open. Sitting on the rostrum, Prince Xu Tianran, the mysterious national teacher who had always been silent, suddenly raised his right hand and slapped it on the armrest of the chair beside him. There was no sound, but the armrest of the chair seemed to melt away. The dragon God fights Luo Munn, and the dragon emperor breaks the evil. I didn't expect it to be passed down. The dragon emperor breaks the evil crack? For Xu Tianran, this is a very strange name. But the national teacher beside him was so shocked and angry. It can be seen that this is a very great soul skill. In the competition field, after clapping four hands in a row,electronic board for classroom, Beibei jumped up and did not continue to attack, but took a few steps back. Hands raised, the whole body golden light gradually faded, unexpectedly is to take back their own soul and soul power. Standing calmly on the stage. As a referee, Luo Zhengzhan was somewhat stunned. Although Beibei hit his opponent several times in succession, from the previous defensive point of view, this Geely should be able to withstand it! Although the four palms looked amazing, each palm split,smart board for conference room, Geely's body trembled violently, the body of lightning, but it is not so lost. He is an evil spirit master! However, Beibei's actions proved that the game was indeed over. Because he had taken out the bottle and silently restored his soul power there. He even closed his eyes and stood quietly in the middle of the field. In the audience area, a tall figure stood quietly not far from the competition platform. Two words slowly came out of his mouth, "perfect." "Perfect?" Beside him, a stunning girl said in surprise, "Ao Tian, in your opinion, is that perfect?" Yes, that tall figure is the first strong man of the younger generation of ontology, Long Aotian. And the woman beside him is naturally Princess Vina. Long Aotian nodded with a calm face. "It's not unfair to lose to Tangmen.". This Beibei hides very deeply. His fifth soul skill is very strong, very strong. "But that's what it looks like," said Weina in puzzlement. Long Aotian glanced at her, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,smartboards for business, sighed and said, "That's because you haven't reached that level yet, so you think so.". At that moment, his spiritual power, soul power, soul skills and combat skills were integrated perfectly. That's where the perfect attack comes in. It looks like a simple four palms, but each clap gives me a feeling of shock to the soul. When he played against us that day, if he used this ability, I would not be sure to win. Must display the true body of martial arts, it is possible to win, but it is bound to be hit hard. I still don't know what his sixth soul skill is. Shrek Academy, it really is Shrek Academy! These Shrek Seven, who were born in Tangmen, are all hidden. Beibei is more terrible than Xu Sanshi. Weina's face also gradually revealed the color of shock, she of course is the absolute trust of Long Aotian. Deeply understand the pride in Long Aotian's chest. Even he holds Beibei in such high esteem. Weina said with a wry smile, "I think we still despise Tangmen.". Before I leave Mingdu, I want to find a chance to strengthen my relationship with them. Long Aotian nodded, "yes." On the competition stage, Geely, whose body was trembling violently, seemed to be swaying around as if he were drunk. Finally, his legs went limp and he fell to his knees. Immediately after that, the whole body trembled uncontrollably, the scales on the body were peeled off one after another, and the sound of "son" came out of his mouth, but he could not even say a word. Streaks of golden light began to spill out of him. Gradually, these golden lights gradually congealed into stocks. A stream of golden light is scattered. The stench of his body gradually faded, replaced by a fresh smell that had just been exposed to the sun. Bang- "" Geely's body suddenly exploded into countless pieces, but eerily, his body exploded without any blood spurting out, nor the sight of flesh and blood flying, but the body was broken, and then turned to ashes in the golden light. The strong golden light condensed in situ and gradually turned into a miniature version of the golden holy dragon, which lasted for several seconds before it gradually faded. Full court! Silence! This scene is so shocking that it is hard to imagine. What kind of soul skill is this? Unexpectedly, he is so powerful. The battle did not last long, at first, Beibei had been at a disadvantage, and the ability of the evil soul master Geely was really unpredictable, especially the tongue and his own strong resistance, which made Beibei look dwarfed. However, the final result came so quickly that the previous four thunderbolts seemed to really explode in everyone's heart at this time. An evil soul master at the level of a soul emperor has fallen like this. Tangmen is waiting in the war zone. Huo Yuhao sat there, staring blankly at Beibei on the competition stage, murmuring to himself: "This, this is the teacher's dragon emperor.". Big Brother has really fused this soul skill. No wonder he has been refusing to use the fifth soul skill when competing with us. It turned out to be the dragon emperor breaking the evil crack. Based on King's Landing, the Golden Holy Dragon Soul is the source, which can destroy everything,interactive panels for education, and will continue to evolve with the enhancement of cultivation. The real title of Douro, even the powerful combat skills of Super Douro and Extreme Douro, the Dragon Emperor breaks the evil crack. 。


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