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She slanted her head and smiled at Han Junqian. "What's wrong with me smiling at him?"?

She slanted her head and smiled at Han Junqian. "What's wrong with me smiling at him?"? I smiled at you, too. Should I be responsible for you? Han Junqian that pair of beautiful eyes almost stared out of the eye socket, this angry red face, blush began to slowly climb toward the ear root, and slowly dyed the neck. Lin Jiaojiao is too lazy to pay attention to this arrogant and awkward rebellious young man, and face to face sink like water, do not know what to think Ling Yuheng nodded, pulling a while staring at her, a while staring at Han Junqian Chen Gugu went to the school. As soon as he took a step, he heard Shao Ququan laugh sarcastically, "Han Junqian, why are you still standing there?"? Don't ask Lin Jiaojiao to be responsible for you! The appearance of the daughter-in-law who accused the ungrateful man just now really opened my eyes! Han Junqian is surprised, angry and ashamed, is full of anger can not come out, where to endure Shao Ququan so provocative, aggressive will rush up to fight! I don't want him to be fast, but someone is faster than him! A red shadow pushed aside the people watching the scene of bustle on both sides, kicked Shao Ququan's calf mercilessly, and scolded, "Shao Ququan, which onion are you?"! Han Junqian is also something you can scold? It is Lin Jiaojiao. After Lin Jiaojiao succeeded in a blow, she was afraid that she would be beaten, so she quickly retreated. As she retreated,touch screen whiteboard, she shouted at the top of her voice, "Hachiro, Zong Guang, give me a fight!"! Say hello to his face! Huo Si, you also give me up! His mother can't recognize him! A pair of acerbic gossips look, but also have the nerve to laugh at others! As soon as Lin Yanzhao heard about the fight, he got excited, and no matter whether it would affect innocent people or not, he waved his long arm,smartboard for business, pushed aside a few people who were in the way, and suddenly threw Shao Ququan to the ground. Huo Anzhi followed closely, and a very precise punch fell on Shao Ququan's nose. Huo Anzhi usually looks warm and soft, playing people unexpectedly neat and vigorous, a look is often fighting! Well, I finally know how he got into this little gang. Shao Ququan snorted, and immediately a nosebleed came out and sprayed Huo An's face. The crowd was in an uproar, looking at Lin Yanzhao and Huo Anzhi's fierce appearance for fear of affecting themselves, pushing each other to retreat, several people were tripped by the high threshold of Bo Cai Tang, screaming in pain. Now, the servant girls are running around, to grab their own young master and young lady side, for fear of an accident. The scene suddenly became chaotic. Lin Zongguang busy carefully protect Lin Jiaojiao and Chen Gugu back, Ling Yuheng do not know when also squeezed over, protect in Lin Jiaojiao side, 75 smart board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, do not let the crowd squeeze Lin Jiaojiao. Seventy-two and others fanned out, blocking Lin Jiaojiao several people tightly. Lin Jiaojiao saw that Lin Ruliu was squeezed out of the circle and shouted, "Brother Ling, Sister Liu!"! Sister Liu! Ling Yuheng did not seem to hear at all, only staring at the crowd pushing around. But Qiyi was close to Lin Ruliu, so he pulled Lin Ruliu into the circle. Although in the midst of the chaos, Lin Jiaojiao could not help glancing at Ling Yuheng. Chapter 018 the historical legacy of the former fiance (3). Since she broadened her horizons with her teacher and experienced too many joys and sorrows, love and hatred with Cha Cha, she has rarely used such words as good or bad to define someone. Some people are recognized by all as good people, even saints, but they may also be particularly cruel to a particular person and selfish in some things. No matter how vicious a person is, as long as you are willing to understand him carefully, you will also find the glory of his humanity. In the previous life, the reason why the Lin family thought of letting Lin Ruliu be a concubine for Ling Yuheng was that Lin Ruliu himself said in front of the original owner all day long how terrible it would be to have no children and how pitiful Ling Yuheng would be. She and the original owner belong to the same clan, and they grew up together. Isn't the child she gave birth to hers? A child who has milk is a mother. She grew up in front of the original owner. How can she remember her birth mother? She can only remember her legitimate mother. The original owner could not get pregnant for a long time, not to mention the reaction of other people, her heart was guilty, frightened and uneasy, after a long time, she was really moved, and then invited Lin Yanping to come to the capital in person. The original owner married Ling Yuheng at the age of fifteen. At that time, he was only eighteen years old. According to one year old, he was only seventeen years old. When she was not married, she was spoiled by the Lin family and knew nothing about the world. After she married Ling Yuheng, Ling Yuheng also arranged everything for her. The biggest tribulation in her life was that she had to endure the ridicule of Ling's mother and Ling Yuwan occasionally because she couldn't give birth to a child. And this occasionally is really very occasionally, Ling Yuheng knew that Mrs. Ling was not compatible with her, never allowed her to go alone to pay her respects to Mrs. Ling, also forbade Ling Yu to come to her late. She met Mrs. Ling and Ling Yuwan either in the company of Ling Yuheng or occasionally in the garden. The seventeen-year-old original owner was spoiled by his family and Ling Yuheng, completely unable to see Lin Ruliu's sinister intentions, but did not think that Lin Ruliu was a few months older than her, but did not get married at that time, obviously had long taken a fancy to Ling Yuheng, has been secretly planning her husband. The original owner looks beautiful and beautiful, but Lin Ruliu is beautiful and delicate, and is sent to the door by himself, and has the support of his mother-in-law, is a man will not refuse. But Ling Yuheng refused! And persuaded Lin Yanping to marry Lin Ruliu far away, at the same time regardless of Ling Yuwan crying and noisy, Ling Yuwan far away out of the capital. From then on, Ling mother never dared to have half a word of sour words to the original owner. From this point of view, Lin Ruliu's demon is likely to be Mrs. Ling's waist in the back. The original owner was in it, ignorant, and even saw Ling Yuwan crying miserably, and had advised Ling Yuheng not to marry Ling Yuwan far away. But Lin Jiaojiao in the side, but see clearly. Since ancient times, the relationship between mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law has been extremely difficult. As a husband caught in the middle of the splint gas, if not for the deep feelings of husband and wife, it is difficult for the husband to always be one-sided in favor of his wife. When she was a child, there was a TV play called mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law, which played the war between mother-in-law,smart interactive whiteboard, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. This is especially true in ancient times when filial piety was paramount. Not to mention a few words of beating, it is common to be punished by kneeling, beating and scolding.


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