Song Xiang

And Zong Tianxuan is in contact with Zhao Kai's old department,

And Zong Tianxuan is in contact with Zhao Kai's old department, learned that the two of them came out, immediately came to the door, let them support Zhao Yi, together to overthrow Zhao Chen's control. However, Wang Shiyong and Sun Bingwen were also veterans of officialdom. When they learned the purpose of Zong Tianxuan's visit, they were noncommittal and ambiguous. They first stabilized Zong Tianxuan and then went to Shi Miyuan to discuss it. As soon as Shi Miyuan listened to their stories, he immediately realized that this was a rare opportunity. Because Shi Miyuan was an ambitious man, he paid for his talent. Now the power of the six ministries was greater than that of Xu Xiang. The assistant minister of the six ministries was the candidate for the minister. In the future, he would even have the opportunity to enter the government affairs hall and become the ruling minister. Most people would be satisfied with this step. But for Shi Miyuan, it is absolutely not enough to just go to this step. What he wants is to stand on the peak of power and become the only one in power. But through these years of careful observation, Shi Miyuan knew in his heart that Zhao Chen was by no means an easy emperor to fool, and that it was very difficult for him to alienate Yang Yan. As long as there is a combination of Zhao Chen and Yang Yan, then in a court, it is not difficult for him to become a ruling minister, or even to enter the cabinet to worship the prime minister, but it is absolutely impossible to hold power alone. Can only be honest, in the hands of Zhao Chen to do a submissive minister, for the sake of the Song Dynasty, offer their own wisdom. Shi Miyuan, of course, is not reconciled, also made a lot of moves, first move the people, take advantage of the victory of the Western Xia, create public opinion,Micro Gear Motor, let Yang Yan as a privy envoy, intend to push Yang Yan to the cusp of the storm, and then slowly think of ways to deal with him. But did not expect Zhao Chen finally did not let Yang Yan as a privy envoy, still retreat behind the scenes, but also let Shi Miyuan's plan fall. However, Shi Miyuan was still not reconciled, and through people bribing the Chamberlain in the palace, he caught the emperor without a queen, and spread rumors that the emperor and the empress were at odds with each other,Brushless Gear Motor, so without a queen, he came to slander Yue Ying. Once the queen falls out of favor, she can create another opportunity to compete for the position of the queen for Yang Fei. In order to control the harem, and then take things slowly. Just a few days ago, news came out from the palace that five chamberlains, including Guo Changda, were all executed by the emperor for the crime of disrespect. At that time, everyone in the palace was cold, and no one dared to talk nonsense. Only then did Shi Miyuan discover that, at least for the time being, the position of the queen and Yang Yan was as stable as a rock and difficult to shake. And although these two things Shi Miyuan did very hidden, not involved in their own body, but after all, paper can not wrap up the fire, now Huang Yunguan outside the city, also by the court to deceive the public, talk about the court as a charge of closure. Fortunately, the veteran Zheng Xuan often saw the opportunity quickly and fled first, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Planetary Gear Motor, so he was not captured. However, it can be used by the whole country. If the matter is exposed in the future, he will die without a burial place. Of course, Shi Miyuan has not thought about using the most extreme way to launch a coup to change the current situation. But Shi Miyuan also knew that it was necessary to have the support of military commanders to launch a coup, especially the military commanders of the three imperial guards. After all, he was only a civilian official, and although he had established some forces and pulled a number of accomplices, his influence in the military was far from enough. Although he and Li Quan formed an alliance, but Li Quan is now stationed in Jinghu after all, it is difficult to play a big role. And Li Quan was born as a bandit, which determined that it would be very difficult for Li Quan to serve as the officer of the three imperial guards. In the short term, I'm afraid it's hard to count on. At the same time, under the current status, a coup is almost equal to rebellion, and he has no friendship with other military commanders, so in Beijing's military commanders, no matter which one, he can't pull long. What's more, there is Yang Yan in Beijing now. Although he has no specific official position, he has a good relationship with most of the military commanders and is quite dignified in the army. Although Shi Miyuan did not lack the courage to take risks, he also knew that he had no chance of winning a coup under such circumstances. So Shi Miyuan is at a loss now. But the information provided by Wang Shiyong and Sun Bingwen to Shi Miyuan immediately enlightened him and made him see another prospect. Although he had never seen Zong Tianxuan before, he had long heard of his name. In fact, Shi Miyuan had always looked down on Jianghu people like Zong Tianxuan. Moreover, some of Zong Tianxuan's actions and practices when assisting Zhao Kai were simply sniffed at. However, Shi Miyuan also understood that Zong Tianxuan also had his advantage, that is, he could fight, and there were a number of people under him who could fight. In their own sphere of influence, it is precisely the lack of such people. If we can form an alliance with Zong Tianxuan, we can complement each other, then we have great hope of success. And Shi Miyuan also believed that a simple-minded person like Zong Tianxuan was not difficult to subdue, while Zhao Yi was just a child of 14 or 15 years old, which was easier to deal with. There were very few people like Zhao Chen who had the quality of a generation of famous emperors. Shi Miyuan did not believe that he would go to such a field and meet the second Zhao Chen. Therefore, as long as things are done, Zong Tianxuan and Zhao Yi are not like puppets, completely at their mercy. In this way, they can realize their ambitions, monopolize power and say nothing. Of course, Shi Miyuan is also clear, this is also a great risk, after all, if it is in the hands of Zhao Chen, there is a chance to become a capable minister or a famous minister, after decades of hard work, make some fruitful achievements, in the name of the three public retirement home, also do not lose his father's ending. And once with Zong Tianxuan, Zhao Yi Lianmeng, not once successful, reached the peak, is ruined, died without a burial place, there is no second way to go. But Shi Miyuan also understands that those who achieve great things can succeed without taking risks? And the greater the risk, the greater the benefits of success. At the same time, Shi Miyuan has full confidence in his ability. I believe that as long as you arrange, plan and schedule by yourself,brushless gear motor, you still have a good chance of success. Therefore, after repeated consideration, Shi Miyuan finally decided to form an alliance with Zong Tianxuan and Zhao Yi to carry out the plan together.


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