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"Young Madam." Ren Ji spread out a silk with a red bird pattern and held it in front of me.

"Young Madam." Ren Ji spread out a silk with a red bird pattern and held it in front of me. "This silk is very beautiful. It must match the young lady's skin color." I looked at the cloth, then looked at her, and smiled against my will: "You also pick some, the weather will be warm, to make new clothes." Finally, I picked three horses, and Ren Ji picked one for her family to take back. When I returned to the room, Wei Wei had already changed his clothes, and there were some water marks on his head. Husband wiped himself? I asked. Well, I just had a big sweat. Wei Tandao. Sweat? I wonder in my heart, such weather is not hot, he has no physical exertion in this yard, where is the sweat? Although I murmured, I was not in the mood to ask questions, so I left it behind. I said very little until after the meal. I don't want to do this either. Wei Wei just came back, and it's easy for him to put on his face. But the more I tried to correct it, the more deliberate my behavior became. At night, Wei Wei came back from receiving visitors outside. I poured tea for him, but I accidentally splashed the tea and burned his hand. My concubine went to fetch a handkerchief. Embarrassed, I called Ah yuan. But when he turned around, Wei Wei stopped me. It's all right. You don't have to take the handkerchief. He said. I looked at the hand. There was a patch of skin on the wrist that was slightly red. But what to do if you are scalded? I say What kind of injury is that? Wei Wei didn't agree. He hugged me and let me sit on my lap. "Just blow, madam," he whispered. His black eyes were close at hand, flashing an ambiguous smile, and there was a sense of hooliganism. One bite is more like it. I looked outside the door and held his hand, my face slightly hot. I was about to bow my head when suddenly there was a dull loud noise,Carrara Marble Slab, with a slight tremor, which startled me. What's that sound? I looked at Wei Kui, and my heart suddenly jumped. Wei Wei looked outside, let go of me, and stood up. Big Childe! A family member ran in hurriedly, looking panicked, "The side room beam collapsed!" "Beams?" Surprised, I thought of Ren Ji for a moment and asked, "How is Ren Ji?" "Only half of the beam collapsed," said the family member. "It was supported by a pillar. It didn't hurt anyone." When I heard this,Grey Marble Slab, I hurried out to see. In front of the west room, many family members are coming. The ground was littered with rubble, and Ren Ji stood in front of the house, his face white as paper in horror, with tears shining on his face. When she saw Wei Wei, she just wanted to come forward, but when she saw me, she stopped. What happened? Wei Kui asked, frowning. I don't know. Ren Ji, crying, answered helplessly, "I was just about to have a rest, but.." With these words, she began to cry, and the maid beside her hurried forward to comfort her. I looked at the roof of the west room, and by moonlight, I saw a large collapse of the roof tiles. However, it seems that it is not the main beam that falls, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, but it is not hindered by the main room. The doubts in my heart became heavier and heavier, and I turned to Wei Wei. He held his head up and looked there, but his expression was very calm. When I looked at him, he raised his eyebrows. Why did the beam collapse? I asked. Wei Wei touched his chin and seemed to be thinking deeply. "Yes, why?" Engagement The roof of the west room collapsed and there was a lot of noise. Wei Kui and Mrs. Guo had not yet rested, and when they heard the news, they immediately came to check. The roof collapsed? Can you hurt someone? When Wei Kui saw Wei Kui, he asked. Father, it was the roof of the west room that collapsed, not the main beam, and no one was injured. Wei Tan said. "Wei Kui went to the West Chamber and looked around. He saw that there was really no big deal. He looked a little relieved." Fortunately, nothing happened, and the gods blessed it. Mrs. Guo breathed a sigh of relief and clasped her hands together. Before long, all the other people in the mansion arrived and alarmed the uncles of the clan who lived nearby. Wei Zhao, Wei Ping, Wei Ci and others all came, and Zhou Shi also came with them and surrounded them to offer condolences. The family members in charge of the renovation of the mansion quickly found out the reason, saying that the west room had been expanded a few years ago, and that the beams were not connected to the main room. Also, I'm afraid the materials used were not strong enough. For a long time, no one lived in it, and mildew and insects grew, so that it was loose and collapsed. The words were barely reasonable, but the crowd did not feel so convinced. Expanded houses are everywhere, how can there be a reason to collapse when living in a person? Someone said. Namely. There has been no wind or rain these days, and the cottage is all right, not to mention this big house. Mao Shi also frowned and whispered, saying, but glanced at Ren Ji from the corner of his eye. People are talking about it, but their eyes are more or less similar to Mao's, tacitly. "Bocheng," said an old man in the clan with a dignified face, "the collapse of the house is not a good omen. Please come and have a look." Wei Kui stroked his beard without a word. For a moment, his eyes fell on me and Wei Kui. "Tomorrow I will go to the temple and ask a master to make a divination. I am looking for a craftsman to repair it." After pondering for a moment, Wei Kui said to the steward. The steward promised. For a moment, he asked, "Master, the West Chamber has collapsed. No one can live here for the time being. Will you move Ren Ji to the East Chamber?" Wei Kui looked at Ren Ji. Ren Ji's face was still full of tears, and she was so charming. Ren Ji will live in the wing on the other side of the Buddha Hall and discuss it after the house is repaired. Wei Dao. Hearing this, Ren Ji suddenly looked up, full of fear: "Prime Minister..." Wei Kui waved his hand, and the steward led the order. Guo madam aside, let Zhang Shi comfort Ren Ji, and let me arrange the family maid, will clean up the things in the west room, sent to the Buddha hall. I took the order to arrange the manpower, and when I walked away, I caught a glimpse of Ren Ji standing in the same place. Heart some can not bear, but I am happy for this unexpected result, who let me be the main room, she is a concubine? There was a small half of the broken roof of the west room, and looking up from the bottom, there was an empty top of the head. The ground was covered with debris, and the families were busy, sweeping and carrying. Wei An squatted on the ground and looked at a section of the wooden beam. Ann, what do you see? Wei Ci walked over with a smile. Wei An clapped his hands and looked puzzled. "This beam is broken strangely." "How strange?" I heard this and asked. Wei An pointed to the broken beam and said, "If the wood is mildewed and broken by insects, the fracture is bound to be uneven,Artificial Marble Slabs, but I can see that some places are regular, like.." "Hum" He didn't finish his words, but Wei Ci covered his mouth.


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