Lotus Treasure Mirror

When the giant hammer came two feet behind Brockman's head,

When the giant hammer came two feet behind Brockman's head, it seemed to become as heavy as Mount Migley, and a suction from the center of the earth, with far greater inertia than the meteor hammer, abruptly changed the trajectory of the giant hammer, pulled him to the ground and landed at Brockman's feet! Babylon clenched his teeth, slowly stretched out his right palm, and supported Susanna. "Princess, no, it's the secret skill of the Golden Beamon Royal Family.." Knock! Knock Susanna was shocked by the sound of the corridor and the passage of the tomb. Kerry and others who had just rushed into the corridor stopped for some reason. Among them, the strong ones barely stood up, the weak ones lay down directly, and the weaker ones were already bloody, no longer human, limping on the ground like mud, and their bones were still sinking! Babylon said the second half of his sentence with difficulty. The missing of the Earth Goddess! "It is the unique secret skill of the Earth Gold Beamon Royal Family and the yearning of the Earth Goddess!" In a tomb far away from the battlefield, boning is also surprised on the lotus. As far as I know, the secret skill of King Bimeng can't be so powerful. It's so far apart that it can affect your holy vessel, young master, just by leaning on the front! Du Chen also suddenly felt that the lotus was flying a little slowly. The missing of the earth goddess, damn, the name is very beautiful, but the real name of this move should be called gravity, the earth goddess misses you, of course, is to increase your gravity ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, or even ten thousand times to suck you back into the embrace of the earth! "Eviscerate, I made a mistake, I did not expect Philip's experiment to end in only ten minutes, or to use the time of Tianwangshan to calculate the experiment, so there were some small mistakes!" Du Chen said with self-reproach, in fact, his luck and analysis has been very good, after all, he can not think of what is the gate of life, let alone how unique the gate of life in Auerbach's tomb is! "Harry, you carry the young lady into the lotus where the old grandmother is, and remove the bone. Although I have done something on No.6, just in case, you should be on guard!" Du Chen looked at the boning of the cold eyes, a cold smile, "the combination of strange beasts, or completed!"


Chapter 182 of the main text Andy's mental strength. The passage of the tomb where Susanna and others are. The sound of footsteps, like the horn of death, came from the depths of the corridor. Brockman, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Marble Projects, who had already closed his eyes to die, suddenly opened his eyes and burst out laughing against the weight of his body, which was lighter than the enemy's, but also unusually heavy. "Congratulations, Lord Philip!"! Your dream has finally come true! Yes, my dream should be a human dream. It finally came true today! Philip only heard his voice, but did not see him. "Thank you, Brockman. I will always remember your bravery today!"! Now, in order to thank you for what you have done, please name the first super beast created by human wisdom in the world! Brockman glanced coldly at Susanna and Babylon, who were both moving slowly under an unknown number of times of gravity, too busy to take care of themselves! Pamir! In the language of Jesus, it means the supreme wisdom and force, and only this name is worthy of your masterpiece! Brockman said loudly, trudging to the cloister, then falling headlong and being rescued by Philip's assistant in the huge cage shrouded in darkness. As Brockman hid in the cloister, Philip's voice was suddenly cold. "Pamir, let me see your strength. Don't let any of these orcs go!" "Master, as you wish!" The sound of gold and iron buzzed into the ears of Susanna and Babylon. The rumbling footsteps were accompanied by a figure several feet high flashing from the entrance of the corridor. He was dressed in silver bear fur, his mane was sharp and piercing, and his cold light was dazzling. Behind the six pairs of twelve-winged black and golden dragon flying wings come out of the body, blood-red eyes seem to disdain to look at the opponent. But flow on their own strong gold and iron claws, the fingertips, like Shura long knife in general, sharp, slender! With a slight sneer, he contemptuously thrust his four bloody fangs at his opponent, and with a gentle flick of his huge thorn tail, Pamir came to the center of the tomb passage, among the grave robbers imprisoned by super gravity. Susanna's legs went limp as she felt the brute pressure. Strength is more than enough, but heart. Then she is not allowed to stand in front of the peerless beast in front of her! Babylon grabbed Susanna and asked with difficulty, "You were created by man!"! How is that possible?! How many levels of strange beasts are you? Pamir's blood-red eyes showed a trace of blankness, and then he suddenly laughed, "You are the eight-level fighting God, and the peak of the eight-level fighting God, right? After killing you.". You can clearly know your level! "Cold Dragon Hurricane Array!" Whew! A whirlwind mixed with sharp ice pieces swirled around Pamir. With a muffled sound, the elite orc warriors were strangled to pieces in an instant! Babylon and Susanna are still standing. Their bodies were covered with horrible wounds, and Susanna's face was bloody, but they were not dead yet. They're not dead yet. It's not how strong they are, it's because. It's because Lord Beast hasn't had enough! He's still playing tricks on his opponent! Enjoying the superiority of the super strong! Deep in the cloister, the assistants exulted, "My Lord, it's too powerful, Pamir is too powerful, he's far beyond our expectations!"! God, we can't imagine that he can be so powerful after Andy's waste joined us! Philip's undead smile at the corners of his mouth was horrible, but it was full of relief, but there was a trace of doubt between his eyebrows. "Strange thing, according to the original idea, although the strength of the Pamir should reach the top of the world, it should not be so overbearing,white marble slabs, at most it is the degree of the old madman?"? Besides, his image shouldn't be like this! But anyway, the experiment has been completely and perfectly successful! 。 forustone.com


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