Thorns of chrysanthemums

Jumping on a big stone again, Li yuan crossed his legs and held his chin in his hands,

Jumping on a big stone again, Li yuan crossed his legs and held his chin in his hands, concentrating on the struggle between the two women. Really do not know how things can become like this, he was originally the authorities, but now has become an outsider, look at these two women fight is really fierce, people who do not know saw, really thought "two women rob husband". Some elated, self-intoxicated, Li yuanwai almost do not know what his last name. w w w.x iaoshu otx t.c o m Chapter VI wayfarers Fiction ^ txt-days. Don It's still the inn. It's just in the corner of the hall. At the square table, the "ghost catcher" and a young man in a Confucian shirt sat next to each other. Lao Tie, in your opinion, his disappearance was really killed? "The man in the Confucian shirt was a little worried," said Zhong. It should be very close. If it's not killed, it's taken away. "Strange, I've never heard of anyone using an embroidery needle as a hidden weapon in Jianghu for many years." "A person who has lost his mind has a much worse reaction in all aspects. That's what I'm worried about. Otherwise, with Yan Dashao's martial arts and wit, he won't catch the Tao in any case." "The ghost catches" the eye to pay attention to the Confucian shirt person, also worried about the prestige tunnel. " Have you found anything else? "No,uns s31803 sheet, everything in the room is intact, and there are no messy and traces after the fight." "This needle is really terrible, like a very invisible thorn, will prick you at any time, at present only pay more attention and listen to see who is good at using needles, or hidden weapons like needles, alas!"! I found that the murderer,321 stainless steel sheet, who was hiding in the dark, not only knew everything about the Yan family, but also wanted to destroy the Yan family before he would give up. "Ghost Catcher" is silent. The atmosphere was heavy, and neither of them spoke again. For a long time The man in the Confucian shirt added, "Could that man in Pingyang County be a'quick-handed idiot '?" "I don't know yet, but Li yuanwai has already gone." "I worry too much. Who can control him in Jianghu except you?"? The four words'Kuaishou Xiaodai 'are yellow gold-lettered signboards. "Xiaodai's wit and martial arts are superior to others. He is afraid that the enemy is in the dark and I am in the open. Hidden arrows are the most difficult to guard against." "It's not that I'm talkative. Why can't a lot of things be known by'Kuaishou Xiaodai 'and Li yuanwai?" "I have said that the enemy in the dark seems to know a lot about the Yan family, and there are few relatives and friends of the Yan family. I know that Xiaodai and Li yuanwai can't be that person, but I should always be on guard. After all, this matter is too important. I can only explain it to them later." "I just think that if you can't trust the two of them, the word'friend 'in the world will be.." Of course I understand the meaning of "ghost capture". Then the man in the Confucian shirt added, "Old Tie, you are oversensitive. The three of you have traveled thousands of miles to come here. This is enough to move me very much. How can I not trust you? In fact, I am afraid that a little carelessness will ruin the overall situation. That's why I hid it from them and let them investigate in the open, uns s32750 sheet ,x60 line pipe, while I am in the dark. In this way, it may be easier to draw out the mastermind of the whole thing." "I just think it's too unfair for you to do so." "What can I do?"? I don't want to do that either, but if I don't do that, I can't think of any other way to draw out the person behind it. "I don't understand what the big young lady meant when she brought'Quick Little Hands Dumb 'to the Black Mist Mountain." I wanted to say it clearly, but I didn't open my mouth when I thought about the man in the Confucian shirt. Is this all a rumor. "Is it all planned by the eldest young lady?" "Old iron, this is not the same thing, I can tell you the truth, but that is not good for you and me, acting like, I hope you still play your role, so as not to arouse the suspicion of others, you can rest assured that it will not take long for the truth to come out.". ” "Boy, you are really good at playing tricks on people. Isn't it true that you can suffocate people to death?"? If you don't tell me, can't I check it myself? What, do you still think I bought the title of "ghost catcher"? The man in the Confucian shirt smiled, but the smile looked a little unnatural, as if there was something floating on his face. That's what I mean, Lao Tie. The more you rack your brains to investigate this case, the better it will be for me, because the other party's attention is all on you, and there is no chance to think of me hiding in the dark, don't you think? "All right, all right, I can't beat you. ***, you're the only one who can do it. I admit that I can't beat you. You're in command. You can do whatever you say. Is it all right?" "Thank you very much," said the man in the Confucian shirt! Lao Tie, I will accompany you to drink for three days and three nights when the matter comes to light and the culprit is killed. "Forget it!"! It's not like I don't know how much you can drink. When two men fall in love with a woman at the same time, the ending is doomed to be a tragedy. Especially these two men are best friends. If two women fall in love with a man at the same time, it is not necessarily a tragedy. Because you've only heard of two women, or three women, or four women.. And marry a man. And never heard of two men marrying a woman at the same time? If there is, then between the two men, there must be a person who can not be called a man. This is where men and women are different. It can also be said that men are more jealous than women, and there is no room for a second man to share a woman with him. "Kuaishou Xiaodai" while walking, while thinking about this seemingly simple, but complex, complex, but simple problem between men and women. He really did not understand how he could agree to Ouyang Wushuang's request to kill his best friend, Li yuanwai. He also did not understand why Ouyang Wushuang was still so powerful to himself since he was already married. He did not understand why Ouyang Wushuang was not called Ouyang Chengshuang, or Ouyang Sanshuang, four pairs. So anyone who likes her, who loves her,x52 line pipe, can stay with a "she" forever. However, he did not think that because there was only one of her, she was called Ouyang Wushuang.


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