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Only then did Gu Xuan see the sea soul agate with his own eyes for the first time,

Only then did Gu Xuan see the sea soul agate with his own eyes for the first time, and it was still unhydrated. The sea soul agate was only as big as a grain of rice, like the excrement of a mouse, but the color was different, it was dark yellow. On the stone platform, it is similar to sand, and if you are not careful, you will ignore it. He Zhuliang pinched his hand, and the surface of the sea soul agate was already a little soft. Seeing this, He Zhuliang said with a smile, "Good luck. This sea soul agate has been here for thirty years. It will be fully hydrated in another seventy years.". If you sell it to the auction room, you can earn ten thousand Lingshi. After 70 years of complete hydration, it can sell 100,000! After a grain of sea soul agate is hydrated, it is only one drop, and it takes about thirty drops to turn to Sanxian. Thus it can be seen that even if you want to turn to Sanxian, the consumption of Lingshi is not a small number. He Zhuliang handed the sea soul agate to Gu Xuan and said resolutely, "Senior, this is for you." Gu Xuan pushed it back and said with a smile, "It's useless for me to take this. Keep it for yourself and exchange it for Lingshi." Gu Xuan did not cultivate Sanxian, and none of the people he knew turned to cultivate Sanxian, so he really did not need sea soul agate. He Zhuliang Wen Yan is not affectation, carefully put it in the jade box, and then put it into the storage belt. As casual practitioners, their conditions were rather difficult, and they ventured to Soul Lake in order to find the soul of the sea. If you don't meet Gu Xuan, not to mention looking for sea soul agate, even your own safety is a problem. Therefore, the two of them admired Gu Xuan very much. He was so tall, but he had no temper. The spirit animals in the shallow waters are not very high, and after perceiving the breath of the ancient mysterious place, they all lay down their flags and drums and dare not move. If there were only two brothers, I'm afraid they would have come out to fight long ago. Come on, let's keep exploring. Gu Xuan said with a smile, and then walked forward. Unfortunately, the excretion of the sea soul beast is not much, in this layer of water, the three people have not found any trace of the sea soul agate. Next floor. Gu Xuandao. The stones protruding from the soul lake are very regular,316 stainless steel plate, about one layer per kilometer, and the layers are very distinct. In other places, there are only smooth walls, and there is no sea soul agate at all. In a twinkling of an eye, half a month later, the three men descended to a deep water area of 10,000 meters and harvested 28 sea soul agates. Such a result, I'm afraid it will make the people of the Sea Soul Star crazy. In fact, the more below, three people collect the sea soul agate will be more. After all, in the shallow water area, there are many practitioners who go to explore the treasure, which makes the sea soul agate be picked up. Few people come to the deep water area, and the sea soul agate will naturally be more. However, in such deep waters, the danger has greatly increased, and even Guxuan has not released his own breath. In the 8,000-meter-deep waters, I met the intrepid Rui Ao, 316ti stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, and the spirit animals inhabiting in the 10,000-meter-deep waters will only be stronger! "Senior," said He Zhuliang, "it's too weird here. Let's go back." "Yes, senior, I don't feel safe here." It is rare for He Zhude to speak. Gu Xuan wanted to look for a sea soul beast, but seeing that they were leaving and the atmosphere here was really strange, Gu Xuan nodded and said, "OK, let's go." If there is a conflict here, Gu Xuan can't protect their safety. After sending them up, I'll come down alone. Gu Xuanxin said, "here, I should have no problem protecting myself." Even if you can't beat him, you can still escape. If you encounter a spirit beast that can track teleportation, it may be more troublesome. The last time Ruiao was injured, it was just because Guxuan didn't fight back. In terms of combat power, Rui Ao is not as good as him. Gu Xuan took out a piece of gold and threw it out. Looking at the direction of the gold's fall, the opposite was upward. It is not so easy to determine the direction in the dark water, because it is the same in all directions. After identifying the direction, the three men slowly swam up. Even if it is to leave, there can not be too much movement. What's more, eight kilometers away, there is an auspicious turtle, which is not very friendly to Gu Xuan. Alarmed it, I'm afraid a big war is inevitable. Half an hour later, the crowd rose 1000 meters to reach the water at a depth of 9000 meters. Here, He Zhuliang got thirteen sea soul agates, so he was sure that the sea soul beasts were gathered here. But Gu Xuan probed for a long time, but found nothing, and then went deeper. Therefore, when he came back, Guxuan's divine consciousness unfolded the most to see if he could see the traces of the sea soul beast. "Boom!" Suddenly, there was a roar in the distance, and the water was surging, which made the bubbles opened by Guxuan sway unceasingly. What's wrong He Zhuliang exclaimed, "was he attacked by a spirit beast?" "Don't panic," said Gu Xuan! It should be the spirit beast fighting, and the impact is transmitted here. The two He brothers were shocked when they heard this. In the deep water of nine kilometers, the water pressure is so high that it is very difficult to stir your fingers, let alone produce such a big impact. Therefore, both sides of the fight should be extremely strong. Forget it. It's better to do less than more. Senior, let's go quickly so as not to get into trouble. He Zhuliangdao. Gu Xuan's face changed and he said with a wry smile, "No, they found us.". If we leave, I'm afraid they'll gang up on us. The impact just now was flat everywhere, but when it came to Guxuan, it was bounced back. Spirit animals are very alert, after feeling the impact, naturally found the whereabouts of Gu Xuan and others. Gu Xuan also did not expect that the waters he had opened up had exposed himself, which could be described as bad luck. So what to do? He Zhuliang asked in a startled voice. "Don't worry," said Gu Xuan. "Let's wait and see what happens. When they fight again, we'll slip away. However, perhaps because of the sudden appearance of Guxuan three people, the two spirit beasts did not fight again. It is gratifying that there is no alliance between the spirit beasts, and between the three, there is a faint confrontation. At the beginning, Gu Xuan only brushed the divine consciousness, but did not see what the two spirit beasts looked like. Since they confronted each other, Gu Xuan could let go of the divine consciousness unscrupulously. It didn't matter,a333 grade 6 pipe, but Gu Xuan was delighted because he saw a familiar figure in it. In the third episode, Chapter 378 of the True Realm of Earth Cultivation, two beasts contend.


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